[ENG-SUB] “Entertainment in TV the TREND” JKS and Mason Cut

Credit: Moon Mason Brothers Fan Club
English sub and Translation by Sarah Ye

This is part of Video was shown Entertainment in TV the TREND, talked about the Moon Mason, the boy who was in the movie “Baby and Me” with Jang Keun Suk. Mason is really cute. The sub starts at 0:16 min

9 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] “Entertainment in TV the TREND” JKS and Mason Cut”

  1. mason look handsome now..i think i’d i saw him a few times but didn’t know it was mason,he’s being model for korean kid clothes(if i don’t mistaken)..he’s really like his daddy sukkie being a model..^__^

  2. Cute Mason… . like father (JKS), like son. hahaha.
    I love to see JKS with kids and I really can imagine he will definitely be a caring
    and responsible dad in the future. Didnt he mention that he hopes to be a dad by the age of 33 ?

  3. Hi, I didn’t know where I should write this, but I just want to ask – is there(or will be) any project for JKS’s birthday? ^^

  4. I remember Sukkie said before that he was doing two filmings at the same period of time, like two roles, it was really hard, not to mention physically you have to work so much, but also is hard to switch the roles between the two filming. And then he said, he would never do that again.

    I am so touched to see those scenes he was holding little Mason and singing for him. He will be a great dad one day he become to one.

    It always amazed me, even at young age, he shows his care to little kids and behave like a very mature character and we all know sometimes how playful and boyish he can be. So truly, he is a person with a great personality and he is a very good man with big heart.

    • Yes Sarah.. Sukkie was filming Hong Gil Dong (Drama) and Baby & I (movie) at the same time in 2008.. it is really tough as for Baby & I, I remember he said as baby Mason is young and can’t shoot late night & for long.. so he tried to accomodate to the baby schedule… I always like to watch the BTS of Baby & I when Sukkie carrying baby Mason around comforting him, feeding him with the milk bottle, playing with him, singing with him… really nice to see this vid of baby Mason, so cute like his screen “daddy” and another talented child… I’m so happy to see baby Mason still remembering Sukkie after so many years..
      I also feel that Sukkie will be a good dad in future ^_^

  5. I am sure the cute kid will, years from now, be very proud he was the Asia Prince at one time in his life.

    Sukkie will be a great dad someday. Thanks Sarah for the eng, sub. It helped appreciate the MV more. Hugs!


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