18 thoughts on “[24.06.2012] JKS Weibo”

    • yes Kaori chan.. really a big wave in China now since Sukkie appears as the guest on the China’s very popular variety show “Happy Camp” .. not only Sukkie’s Weibo account is growing with fans but also the internet search site of Baidu, Weibo, QQ music are all topped by Sukkie… another good news is that more male eels are joining the various fan clubs in China after they get to see Sukkie on TV as a real person, like what Sarah has mentioned.. many male eels are joining BaiduSukbar since the broadcast of “Happy Camp”…. I read of fan account in BaiduSukbar that now many people around the eels who are not eels previously suddenly become eels after seeing Sukkie’s real personality on “Happy Camp”….

      • yes it’s true !everyday i went to BaiduSukbar AND WEIBO to see the latest news about him~many male eels has joined us haha.If one cannot understand Chinese, at least she can see the pictures ~ The magic of Sukkie is so amazing !

    • Tenshi!Thanks a lot for posting this. Wow the biggest country in Asia that Sukkie conquers with his infectious charm?… And a lot of males are becoming eels? … what a good news!

  1. China is a hugh market! If Sukkie can release a mandarin album, $millions of revenue for him/co. Keep fighting Sukkie, this is just the beginning! Am truly happy for you! The master of eels is ‘electrifying ‘. ‘^_^ He is just so amazing!

    • LynnLynnfoo, I’m sure he will be releasing mandarin album in future as he mentioned before in interview.. in last part of Happy Camp on the behind the scene, he mentioned he needs 6 months to be able to communicate in mandarin and I believe he will achieve that with his usual determination…. I’m sure looking forward to that the day when Sukkie can speak fluently in mandarin like his Japanese too ^_^ I also looking forward for him to sing Chinese songs as he has such a good voice and versatile in different form of music..

      • Me too, QQeyes, can’t wait to listen to him singing ballads in Chinese in that deep manly voice of his ^_^ I’m also hoping for him to act in a Chinese drama or movie with a good script but they might have to dub his voice unless he can speak Mandarin fluently. Listening to Sukkie’s voice throughout the 20 episodes of LR was just heavenly LOL

  2. Our hardworking Asia wangja, and with his determination will hv a Chinese album in the near future. Really looking forward as I like his voice very much! Wishing this day will come when I can hear our local FM DJ broadcasting his song on the radio. ^_^

  3. Way to go !!
    JKS is moving in the right direction as China is really a huge market.
    Congratulations again, PrinceJKS.
    Also need to take care of ur health.
    Love JKS forever.


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