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Finally I got Coco-Ichi!!!
드디어 코코이치!!! ついにココイチ!!
tenshi_akuma’s note: Coco-Ichi (the official name is CoCo Ichiban-ya) is the name of his favorite curry restaurant chains in Japan. When he visits Japan, he always tries to eat their curry. Here is the official web site.

The forth day in Japan. Time passes very quickly.
일본 4일 째, 정신없이 시간이 흐른다

BoA: I got it in my hand today.
JY Park: Headphones!! I found a brother’s autograph, but I couldn’t find how many of this is out of 100. T_T Thanks anyway, brother~~
JKS: I thought only I had been given this.. Asian soul.. Uh..
“@BoAkwon: 오늘 내 손에 도착한 @followjyp 헤드폰!! 오빠 싸인까지는 찾았는데, 백개중 몇번째거는 아직 못찾았어요.. ㅜㅜ ㅎㅎ 오빠 고마워요~~http://lockerz.com/s/219863808”ー뭐야 나만 준 줄 알았는데..아시안소울..음..

Finally, I haven’t got it in my hand yet, but I got it on my desk. Asian soul brother’s headphones… Asian star, Asian soul, Asian Prince has his headphones!!
드디어 내 손안에 들어오진 않았지만 내 책상위에 있는 아시안소울 형아의 헤드폰… 아시아의별 아시안소울 아시아의프린스가 소지한 헤드폰!!
tenshi_akuma’s note: It looks it’s Park Jin-Young’s original headphones.

I’ve become friends with her! Please! Come and visit me to Korea!
tenshi_akuma’s note: She is Tesuko Kuroyanagi. She is 78 years old now. She is very famous for various areas. Here is her wiki. She has hosted her own TV program “Tesuko-no-heya (Tesuko’s room)” for more than 35 years. For Japanese stars, appearing her program proves they’ve become popular. “Tetsuko-no-heya” is officially recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest talk show.

I got a candy from her!
tenshi_akuma’s note: Tesuko Kuroyanagi is well-known for her unique hairstyle. She keeps candies in her hair and give it to the guests. It’s true!

Recording “Tesuko-no-heya”! It was first time for the program that a foreign artist talked in Japanese 🙂 In addition to this, it’s a must-see with a lot of “the first”! It is a rewarding day today. After all, my life is cool 🙂
테츠코의 방, 수록! 외국인이 출연해서 일본어로 토크하는 것은 처음이었다고 : ) 이 외에도 “처음”이 가득한 필견의 방송! 보람을 느낀 하루였다 역시 내 인생은 근사해 : )

PONYCANYON staff: It was great T_T Ms. Tesuko Kuroyanagi… she is very nice and I was touched. I couldn’t reveal the airing day, but please look forward to it ^^
Tree-J staff: I know! It was best! Miki-chan, thanks for your hard work!
“@hellomikitty820: 最高でしたㅠㅠ 黒柳徹子さん、本当に素敵な方で感動しました。放送日はまだ発表できませんが、楽しみにしていてください^^” 그렇네요! 최고였어요! 미키짱 수고하셨습니다!

Hee-chul: Heebum is also enjoying the music on JYP headphones … but it may be thinking “Don’t be like this, crazy people (>_<), kyaa, Heebum, hang on there! Suk: What? limited 100 pieces but all has been given one 希澈:希范inJYP。希范也戴着JYP的耳机在享受音乐中~但是心里好像在想‘别这样 疯子’(>_<)/kya~希范 坚持住!! suk:什么呀 限定一百个怎么全都分了-_- “@Heedictator: 희범 in JYP. 희범이도 JYP헤드폰 끼고 음악을 즐기는 중~ 하지만 속마음은 '그만해 미친놈아' 일듯 (>_<)/ 꺄~ 희범이 겸디겸디!! http://twitpic.com/a0cx2v”ㅡ뭐야 한정 백개라더니 다나눠줬어-_- 7440696404_258f94eb7b_z

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  1. thanks Tenshi_akuma.. can’t wait to see the program, can’t wait to see Suk with Kuroyanagi san.. this is daytime show, isn’t it?

  2. Regarding JYP headphones… they are beautiful. Don’t fret JKS… they are “limited edition”… and with only 100 in existence you are still in a very exclusive club. LOL


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