[23.06.2012] Entertainment in TV-the TREND (no-subbed)

UPDATE: added the original source message and photo taken by Hazy!
Credits: GLF5556

tenshi_akuma’s note: Do check 06:50!!! You can see ECI’s and JKSforever’s message to JKS… 🙂 Below is the screen shot!
This notebook is placed at COLAmercato, JKS friend’s restaurant. Here is their twitter. As soon as we can get Chinese or Japanese subtitles, we’ll translate it into English one!

Below is the original source message wrote in the notebook. And here is the photo, too.
Dear Keun Suk, we are your international EELS from over 30 countries from all over the world! We call ourselves EELS CLUB INTERNATIONAL on Facebook and meet on the blog site www.jangkeunsukforever.com. We love (<3) you very much and will walk the path with you, supporting and loving you, to celebrate with you as you become WORLD PRICE! ^^ You are the STAR of our lifes! 2012-04-26 12.28.26

16 thoughts on “[23.06.2012] Entertainment in TV-the TREND (no-subbed)”

  1. I felt so high when I saw ECI card in the clip!! Special thanks to Hazy for writing it and to Shiro for designing it :)) Ahhhh I’m still on cloud 9!!!

    • Farina…..i am on cloud 9 with you too….still in that “unbelievable mode” now…and to think it was such an impromptu decision to bring along the extra copies of the picture printed ….even though it is a mere 1 second in the clip, this is already a very special “gift” to ECI and JKSforever!!!! 🙂

      hope Sukkie gets to personally read the message some day (and hopefully sign on that page?!?!?! *Sukkie are you reading this page??? ^o^) and get encouraged by the fact he has MANY International eels supporters!!!

      • Hazy, really so so HAPPY to see that in the Korean report on the message you left on the book on behalf of ECI and JKSforever… really another surprise for us after the last event of Love Rain Rice donation which we see ECI & JKSforever rice bouquets appearing on many Korean reports & vid… wow.. Thanks to all eels here for the contribution ^_^

  2. OMG!! ECI & JKS Forever Blog is getting closer to Prince ^_^..Thanks Hazy – after all the hardwork done by our Lovely sisters,they deserved recognition and appreciation..

    Who knows,maybe our next surprise,Sukkie will mention JKSforever & ECI in his future interview (crossing fingers)..Farina prepare yourself…miss u guys!!

  3. I’m so stick in his web; like I’m living in two parallel worlds. Thanks all for daily news, for being so good to share love for JKS.

  4. The owner of the restaurant must have noticed this message and pointed out to the TV reporter. Since he is good friend of Sukkie, I’m sure he would have showed it to Sukkie! It probably stands out cos ECI represents more than 30 countries! Thanks Hazy, well done and congratulations to ECI & jangkeunsukforever!

  5. woah!! so happy!! thanks so much for sharing, tenshi, and chukae for ECI and JKSforever 😀 neomu komawoyo, hazy! 😀

  6. wow … really great .. I’m so proud even though at the time the letter was made, I’m not a member of the ECI …
    congratulations to all members of the ECI, especially sis Farina and Hazy … zikzic cri!

  7. Thanks for posting this video. Even if I did not understand at all but looking at those who made comments for Sukkie I’m sure they said good things for him. And they treasured the experience collaborating with him.

  8. When i mencioned about this video last night, i saw it 3 times before writing, but i dont noticed the notebook with the letter, wow you have eagle eyes. I read in other site the part of profesor Choi Yong In from JKS alma mater, Hang Yang University said” Even though he’ s a celebrity he worked really hard with the others students. He was very casual and friendly despiste being a Hallyu star , over a year ,he gives around 20 students 2 million won ($1,726 USD) as a scholarship”. So he is very kind person .

    • Indeed ! I totally salute JKS for his generosity towards helping others.
      He has gone through alot of hardship so he appreciates others more and has the desires to reciprocate. The more you understand him, the more you will love him for his personalities and characters.


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