[11.06.2012] JKS Weibo

Once more advancing towards China!!!! Yo China!! J I K J I N !!!!
再一次向中国前进!!!! Yo China!! J I K J I N !!!!
다시 한번 중국으로 직진!!!! Yo China!! J I K J I N !!!!

mm..indeed I am very humble..
恩.. 果然我很谦虚..
http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=jgs&no=518794&page=1음 .. 역시 난 겸손해..
English report about this article in the link is here http://en.korea.com/?p=350283

Indeed I am a big-hearted person!!! This is Asia Prince!!!
果然 我就是个心胸宽广的人!!!这才是亚洲王子!!!
http://m.media.daum.net/media/entertain/newsview/20120611155006894 역사 내가바로 대인배다!!!이것이 아시아프린스!!!
English report about this article in the link is here http://www.soompi.com/2012/06/11/jang-geun-suks-gift-worth-36-million-won-to-love-rain-staff/

5 thoughts on “[11.06.2012] JKS Weibo”

  1. He is THE PRINCE! Generous to the people he worked with, appreciate their works. He is a nice boss, give out encourage and support to his ex staff.

    I love him more and more and he made me so proud of a fan of him.

    He is the World Prince J in my heart.

  2. Sorry, that was his current staff, no ex-employee. Just see what Kaori posted the staff twitter, that was what it coming from.

  3. JKS is such a caring and down to earth individual.
    Where can you find a celebrity who does such things?
    I salute his parents for bring up such a bright, humble and respectful son.

  4. That’s our Princejks ..we eels r attracted to his great personality ^_^
    I will always support and love our Princejks..fighting JKS ^_^


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