[11.06.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS & staff twitter

Staff: When looking for a job, people say make sure you get at least one of the three: money, honor or laidback environment. Well, none of these seem to be reached these days.
JKS: Instead, you made what I am today.
“@codeinconnu: 일을 선택하고 결정하는데는 세 가지 중 하나만 만족하면 된다던데 돈, 명예, 그것도 안되면 널널하든가 뭐, 요즘은 그것도 아닌가보다 http://pic.twitter.com/G1SX9wBa”ㅡ대신 너넨 날 만들었잖아

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