[Result] What is the most beautiful Love Rain quote?

Credits: KBS

After airing “Love Rain”, KBS requested viewers to vote what is the most beautiful Love Rain quote. Here’s the result.

There were lots of beautiful quotations in Love Rain. We gathered lots of opinions from Love Rain fans to make the most beautiful quotation into an image from June 8 to 10. Then what is the most beautiful quotation which is chosen by Love Rain fans?

Although this quotation is well known for the movie “Love Story”, it is resurfaced through Love Rain and it touched lots of fans from all over the world…


6 thoughts on “[Result] What is the most beautiful Love Rain quote?”

    • i’m touched with the love both of them in 2012..
      really..i’m crying lots
      lol…komapta love rain for showing me a sincere love

  1. One of my favourite quotes from Love Rain goes like this (somewhat) :

    “The memories of life are in watercolor because we don’t get time to fill in the more vivid colors.”

  2. ” 하나 둘 셋 (hana dool set – one tow three) i fall in love with you” this my favourite quote in love rain 🙂

  3. mine favourite dialouge in love rain is– when the girl ask’s with the saddest part of her emotion ” y are u here ? ” and the guy lovingly/warmly replies ” i came, incase u needed me..” OMG….. … i felt my heart skip a beat.. !! <3<3<3 love you jang geun suk..!!


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