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  1. TAphrael, Thanks a lot for this beautiful essay of EP 15. Aside from the updates of Sukkie’s activities, the recaps/thoughts of every episode of Love Rain is one my pleasures, and I always look forward on Wednesdays and Thursdays. And as LR is coming to an end I will do miss it a lot. As Joon confronted his father about In Ha’s knowledge of his relationship to Ha Na, my heart is also struggling where my greatest symphaty to be given: to the father or to the son? Gosh, I blamed Sukkie & the actor who portrayed In Ha, they were so good of portraying their characters that I cannot count the number of times I cried for them. I pity Yoon Hee is the most innocent among them & does know what is going on. My heart was so heavy watching Ha Na when she rejected Jun once again with that tearful hug. I am anticipating for the next 4 episodes many heart wrenching scenes and the thought of how the 4 of them just rotating on the same circle of parallel events… as they journey my questin would always be what will prevail, the love of the parent to the child or the love of the child to the parent?

  2. Thanks sis Ivy for sharing your thoughts on this episode. This episode is difficult for me to understand. Honestly, I was lost and confused of what direction PD Yoon is going with the story. I was heart broken because InHa, my first love, is being selfish. I was frustrated with Jun for being so mean to HaNa. Sometime I feel like Jun doesn’t reserve Jun….and I won’t blame her if she choose someone else….LOL Well, as LOVE goes, no one can reason whom your heart want to belong to… and sometimes can’t help but doing and saying stupid things to the one you love most.

    This episode shows that no matter what, marriage between In Ha and Yoonhee happen or not, Jun and HaNa will not able be to break up like they said so many times already….. and based on the last scenes, also can’t keep their hands, eyes, and lips from each other either….lol

  3. Thanks aphrael for your beautiful and straightforward thoughts on this episode. I also dun like the scenes with Mi Ho and Chang Mo’s nephew. I feel they’re just wasting Love Rain airing’s precious time, as we’re facing the finale soon. I want to see more Joon.
    If only young In Ha was not played by JKS who succeeded to portray the dramatically beautiful romantic and talented noble idiot, I will definitely choose Joon. But whenever I look at the present In Ha, my mind always goes to the 70’s In Ha, who is my bias in this drama. So I also cried when present In Ha cried seeing Yoon Hee in wedding dress.

  4. Excellent recap – to the point and focused on the the critical parts!

    1) Keun Suk is the only guy I know who can rock a chilli red jacket like that;

    2) In Ha’s behaviour – having witnessed Hana leaning on the back of Joon and the couple’s pained expression and YET proceeding with his wedding plans (preparing invitation card etc) is frankly quite deplorable and disgusting. He could have at least stop and give it some thought, find out more about the depth and intensity of Joon and Hana’s relationship before proceeding. Joon on the other hand immediately initiated a breaking up with Hana, once he found out about In Ha and Yoon Hee. The younger couple actually made the sacrifice first and showed that they are really good kids with consideration for those they love.

    3) Joon’s actions at In Ha’s birthday party is necessary and justified. Both In Ha and Hana NEED to face the reality of what it would be like if In Ha and Yoon Hee proceeded with their marriage – Hana would have to see and regard Joon as brother and In Ha cannot ignore the pain and suffering that he would be inflicting upon his son. Joon is literally bleeding.

    4) Mi Ho clearly planned the chance encounter with Tae Sung and Hana at the cinema because she saw the movie tickets earlier and knew the time and place where the movie will be watched. She thought that Joon will give up upon seeing Tae Sung and Hana together – what a conniving and maniplative girl, clearly showing signs of another Hye Jung in the making. Fortunately, Joon is sophisticated and saw through her act. He most definately did the right thing by walking out immediately, for that would teach MiHo not to pull such a trick again.

    5) Finally, Keun Suk’s expression on the balcony with Hana – that longing and attraction is superb!

  5. I’m also confused why the wedding invitation cards have been sent even after In Ha knew the relationship between Jun and Ha Na. I didn’t understand what the characters said, so I misunderstood the wedding ceremony including invitation cards were prepared by Chang Mo and Dong Wook. But now I’ve come to understand that it took In Ha some time to understand this complicated situation and move into action…

    Even for the sake of his dear son, it was not so easy for In Ha to decide what to select. In 1970s, he gave up his love first for his close friend, Dong Wook. But he regretted it later. After the reunion with Yoon Hee, In Ha has been determined not to give up his love anymore. He tried and tried to tell Yoon Hee how mush he needs her (like Jun does to Ha Na. Yes, they’re really alike ^^). As a father, In Ha understand what he should do generally, but still it must be hard to let go of his happiness, Yoon Hee.

    The most impressive scene on this episode is comparison between the painting of Yoon Hee by In Ha and the photos of Ha Na by Jun. For both Seo In Ha and Seo Jun, their loved one (Yoon Hee / Ha Na) was their scenery itself. Just looking at it, In Ha and Jun found each love is really serious like his…

    After In Ha decided to break up her, he saw Yoon Hee put on wedding dress. In Ha really looked blissful. I was happy that he could see her wedding dress just before saying hardest decision to her.


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