[18.05.2012] Tree-J twitter

An unfortunate incident occurred on the set today. A fan threw a gift at JKS striking him in the head. He could have been seriously injured. If you really support him, please refrain yourselves from committing these kinds of senseless acts.

We have previously notified fans not to come to the set, but they disregarded our announcement. If you do not follow our warnings, the company will take strong actions to correct the situation. So please obey our directions. From now on, all gifts will only be accepted by JKS’s managers. Fans cannot approach JKS and try to give him anything. If you choose to ignore this warning, the company will take strong actions to correct the situation.

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    • @ kaori chan, may I know what did she throw? hopefully it’s not heavy stuff. well, maybe she’s too excited to see her idol. sometimes when we’re over-excited, we can do stupid things. i believe she didn’t do it intentionally.

    • The incident that happens in the day was rather unfortunate. Saw lots of Japanese fans apologising in the apps. But I don’t think they need to feel so bad. Coming from the point of view of a fan, especially an international fan, if I am in her shoes, having given a chance to meet JKS in real life especially in that situation, one will feel so star struck that common sense might leave you that you may not do the norm and the rasional.

      I am sure the fan that did that must adore him so much to come all the way from Japan to see him bearing gifts. I don’t think any bad notion was intended, just a wrong move in executing the passing of gift. I am sure JKS knows that too that the fan actually loves him a lot and didn’t mean him harm. I guess Tree J is just issuing warnings to deter future situation like that from happening….So hope Japanese fans don’t feel so bad cause thousands of them adore him so much and supports him so loyally ^^ .

    • Kaori chan, don’t have to apologise as this kind of incident can happen anywhere and I believe the fan is young and too excited to do the foolish thing. Just pray that Sukkie is ok for now..

  1. It’s unfortunate such things happened. However, I also believed that it was not done intentionally as they were too excited to see him at such close distance.

    I really envy those eels who could travel all the way to Korea and even know where is the filming site to meet up with JKS.

    On another note, I m rather sad that Love Rain is coming to an end in 2 weeks’ time. I wonder what I will be doing on Mondays and Tuesdays when LR is no longer showing live.

  2. Tree-j did a right move by issuing warning.I don’t blame fan because she was so madly in love with him.What she did was wrong but i believe it was not intentional.I won’t be surprised if Jks was angry.He has right to be angry after being hi by these but i am sure he will forgive the fan after sometimes.what i don’t understand is why some of the eels(who are calling themselves good eels) blaming the girl who threw the gifts?they are calling her stupid and idiot and so on.I find it very unreasonable to blame somebody totally when they didn’t even know the real situation clearly.I love jks but sometimes I find that eels are so protective of him.

  3. agree! i don‘t think it was done intentionally. i bet the fan must have been so shocked when he was hit on the head. hopefully, he was ok. i don‘t think sukkie was angry though coz his tweet didn‘t sound like it. he would‘ve told them off if he was. i guess he understands that the eel just wanted him to have the gift. he knows how much his eels love him, and he loves them as much. i just hope eels learned the lesson from this unfotunate incident. they should know better next time.

    tenshi, no need for apologies. we know she meant no harm. 🙂

  4. Hope JKS is all right!! What is that gift anyway? *curious*

    Eels may have good intentions, but I think we still need to remind ourselves to stay calm and not do anything that may jeopardize his safety …

    We want to “shower” him with gifts but not concuss him!

    hmm, maybe it means that next time instead of giving or throwing gifts, we should change it into flying kisses instead! Think he’ll love it better than gifts 😀

  5. I think Tree-J got upset cos they already issued notice for eels not to visit film site so Sukkie can concentrate on his filming but some eels did not listen. On top of that, someone threw a gift and hit Sukkie’s head. I believe that eel has apologised. She probably got over excited seeing her idol and not intentional. As long as lesson is learnt that it’s not good idea to throw a gift at your idol! Tree-J is right in issuing warning for eels to protect Sukkie in future. Kaori-chan, you don’t have to apologise, it’s a wrong move from an over excited eel, it can happen anywhere.

  6. Thanks Lord that Sukkie is not injured. Poor fan girl, she must feel so horrible and regret afterward for throwing the gifts. I can understand sometimes people got carry away, doing something unthinkable and stupid stuff becoz of excitement in seeing the star. I hope the girl learned her lesson that throwing any thing at anyone is not acceptable and quite rude, actually.

    The sad outcome with this incident is… now Sukkie will lose more of his precious freedom and fans are more barricaded from being too close to him. I will miss all the up close and personal moments I watched between JKS and his eels. * Sad face *

  7. Don’t need to apologize Kaori-chan.. I think all of us are also upset at the situation – feel sorry for the girl for behaving too rashly, and heartache that Suk will feel even more restricted in future..

    Agree with Kim that Sukkie didn’t sound too angry in the tweet, just hope he is not badly hurt..

  8. Thank you for your comforting words, but still I’m very ashamed that this was done by Japanese. I subscribe some Japanese eels’s blogs. All of them were so shocked to hear the news… me, neither.

    I posted some Tree-J staff tweets. I think they include real issue.

    Especially, I really agree cherry’s tweet (last one). Just throwing isn’t the issue. Coming to the set is the issue although it was asked eels previously not to do. Again, I want to share the fact that we loyal Japanese eels don’t go to airports to welcome him. Because it’s prohibited by Frau. It’s true all of us eels want to see him in person, but if it’s prohibited not to come officially, we have to be patient.


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