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  1. Hazy, Thanks a lot for this beautiful thought of EP 16. What poetic way of mounting your analysis! I love it. Its really true that love is like a rain, when it hits you, you have no control of it like the rain. I agree with you, after the rain there’s always sunshine. And I hope PD Yoon will be more generous about its ending. One of the reasons I love Love Rain is the unique storytelling and depth of the story, But of course the portrayal of the actors is the biggest factor. What I love most was the scene of In Ha and Joon, and I cried a lot when In Ha touched the hair of the sleeping Joon while saying “Why I let you experience what I went through “…that its always the love of a prent to a child is greater, its always the parent who would sacrifice for the sake of his child.

  2. Thanks, Hazy, for a unique take on ep 16.
    (p.s. Did you take O level Literature? Somehow it reminds me of writing Lit paper with all the quote from characters 😀 )

    “What is Love?” is the question I was asking when watching ep 15 too. Glad u offered some answers here ^^

    but I’m still confused. Is love really putting others’ happiness before your own? Joon and Hana tried to put their parents’ happiness first, but it made themselves so miserable. And now that In Ha is putting Joon’s happiness above his own, it makes In Ha and Yoon Hee miserable. That does not feel right to me. Maybe I’m greedy but I want everyone to have happiness. All this self-sacrifice to grant the love of others seems to me to be selfish, cos they only create pain for themselves and also for their beloved one whom they choose to give up.

    I echo In Ha’s feeling – why must he give up Yoon Hee?

    It’s veru awkward for In Ha and Yoon Hee to remain as friends when they are so much in love, I seriously doubt it can be done.

    • Lol!! Aphreal, yes I took chinese literature in Olevels, but I think it was the higher chinese special paper I took for Alevels that trained my mind to analyse things in such a manner 🙂

      I understand your confusion – which I did ponder for a while.

      I guess, true love is really sacrificial love. In that there is no greater love than to sacrifie your own happiness, convenience or even life for the one you love!! I mean as much as it sound cliche or unachievable, I would think a close example of true love is a mother’s love for her child.

      Sadly, the many “love” we see in real life situation today tends to be selfish love. Most enter ito a love relationship thinking “what can I get out of this relationship” as opposed to “how can I make him(or her) happy in this relatipnship?”

      No offence here. These are just my 3cents worth of thoughts….

  3. oh ya, must add that I hate every moment that Hye Jung appears in – she’s like a bad omen and a vulture circling to see whose flesh she can pick.

    Now that Joon and Hana have overcome the greatest hurdle of becoming siblings rather than lovers, Hye Jung has chosen this moment to appear again in the story – any bets that in the next couple of episodes, Hana will have to face the most terrible, potential mother-in-law, someone who hates Yoon Hee as a love rival and hence will most likely take it out on Hana who’s a striking resemblance to her mum ….

  4. Sis Hazy, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful and poetic thoughts and analysis about Love Rain. You have described Love Rain’s metaphor so beautifully. Literally, LOVE is like a Rain, uncontrollable, unpredictable and unstoppable. This drama might have simple plots, but it’s so realistic and deep in meanings. Many people can related to being in love and experienced love, love for family, friends, or lovers.

    I love episode 16 because I got my noble In Ha back. I love the young nobel In Ha in the 70s because he was always put his friends or love ones before himself. For a while, I thought I won’t be able to see that In Ha again. Pheww close call!!

    Honestly, the only crime InHa has is by falling in love or only able to love one woman all his life. In this episode, I feel for In Ha’s trouble dilemma choosing between his yearning for long lost love and the love of his son more than Jun’s pain of broken heart. Sadly, life is unfair. Twice lost love, isn’t it enough for one man to endure in one life time!! No matter how painful for In Ha to yet again loose his one last chance to be with his one true love. At the end, I think InHa still makes the best decision to cancel the wedding, for Jun and many other reasons…..??

    Since sis Hazy has described Falling Rain = Falling in love so perfectly and beautifully, I would like to share my short little poem I wrote inspired by Love Rain, and ECI’s sisters. (I’m little shy about this poem because it’s my first ever attempt writing a poem related to drama).

    Title: Raining Day

    Raining day, sorrowful poetic, roaring thunder and lighting flash its majestic power and breathtaking beautiful rays; our hearts beat with wild excitement, scared of its mystery.

    Raining day, reflection of love and life story in both tragic and magical elements, heart evincing pain, renegade tears and feeling nostalgia.

    Raining day, while experiencing turbulent storms, raining love promises and dreams of beautiful new days fill with sunshine and happiness.

    LOVE RAIN soars above the clear blue sky and shows your magical beauty for everyone to fall in love.

    Rain falling!!!

  5. You guys really impress me with your literacy skills!

    Of course Inha eventually did the right thing by cancelling the wedding. However, I can’t help feeling that he is such a passive guy. If he loves Yoon Hee so much, she should be his top priority in the 70s instead of Dong Wo whom he took the rap for and was enlisted early as a result. Even upon release from national service, he should have searched for Yoon Hee in the US (contact embassies, Korean social networks etc) instead of just taking it at face value that she was dead (supposedly misled by Hye Jung). Finally since he loved and missed her so much even when he thought she was dead, he should not have married someone that he never loved. It’s perfectly alright to stay single.

    Yoon Hee on the other hand should have told Inha in the 70s that she was sick and going to the US for medical treatment. Ask Inha to wait for her, she would return to him should she heal and send news should she pass (so he could move on). Instead of staging a breakup by sending back the watch which Inha gave her and enclosing a letter of farewell.

    InHa and Yoon Hee separated because of their actions and decisions in the 70’s. What the couple did not have between them is “honesty and trust”. Love is not only about sharing the good times but more importantly it is about sharing the bad times and particularly having each other for support in the most difficult of times. Even till this day, they have not been totally honest with each other – Yoon Hee hides her medical condition of going blind soon and Inha did not reveal to her about Joon and Hana being in love. They make decisions on behalf of each other under the guise of shielding the other party from pain when they should have allowed each to know the truth and collectively manage a solution. Love is also about honesty and sharing the good as well as the bad. Inha and Yoon Hee do not seem to have that.

    I hope Joon and Hana will not behave in the same manner as their parents did and follow in their foot steps. For then the world would not have evolved. I love Joon’s honesty towards himself and the direct expression of his feelings towards Hana. Hana is also slowly adopting his open form of communication and telling him exactly how she feels about him at any point in time. I especially, especially hope and holding up till the very end that the couple will remain steadfast with their decision to stay together amidst mounting pressure from Yoon Hee’s blindness and Hye Joon’s bullying tactics. Joon MUST NOT succumb to Hye Joon’s unreasonable coersion the way Inha did. If the super adorable couple have to separate again because of the “troublemakers”, I am going to curse up a storm on the scriptwriter!!!

    • SUL, your insight is always so sharp!

      Yes, I agree In Ha and Yoon Hee separated in the 1970s due to their lack of honesty and trust. Misguided as it is, it was their choice, to assume that what they had done was for the best of their beloved. Their choice changed their lives drastically, they already made a mistake once and now live with the consequences. They have tried to get back together, but their “consequences” are catching up with them and now pulling them apart again.

      But their choices, decision and life should not unfairly affect the current generation. Hope that Joon and Hana will make the choice of being together, and NOT be another InHa-YoonHee couple who can only blame fate for pulling them apart, when perhaps they should be blaming themselves and their decision.

      • EXACTLY!!! That’s why if Joon and Hana are made to follow the same route as InHa and Yoon Hee, Scriptwriter deserves to by FRIED for lack of creativity!

  6. Oh my sis Hazy…I adore your thoughts for Episode 16…especially when you mentioned the choice is ours to make and the sunshine after the rain. Most of what you said actually applies to one’s daily living…I love it…I just love it!♥

    Thanks much for sharing your thoughts! ♥♥♥


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