[News] 2012 Cri Show Tour

Credits: Sukbar weibo/HS Media Weibo
English Translation: Sarah Ye

HS Media Official Weibo:
从“亚洲王子”逐步走向“世界王子”的@张根硕,以今年7月首尔演出开始为2012张根硕亚洲巡演 拉开帷幕,将分别在日本各地区(横滨、大阪、名古屋、福冈 );上海、深圳、台北、曼谷等中华圈东南亚4个地区展现出变得更强烈的只属于张根硕的演出,整个巡演将再次震撼全亚洲。@JasonJang
From “Asian Prince” become “World Prince”, @Jang Keun Suk will start his 2012 Asia Tour in July. THE CRI SHOW 2 will begin in Seoul, then will go to Japan (Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka); Grand China area, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taipei, and East Asia, Bangkok. The exciting show only belongs to Jang Keun Suk, the whole show will shake Asia again. @JasonJang.

on the picture, the schedule is
7.7-首尔;7.21-22横滨;8.11-上海;9.01台湾;9.14-15 大阪;9.19-20 名古屋;10.6-7 福冈;10.27-深圳
Schedule: July 7 Seoul, July 21-22 Yokohama, Aug 11 Shanghai, Sept 01 Taipei, Sept 14-15 Nagoya, Oct 6-7 Fukuoka, Oct 27 Shenzhen More detail will be announced on April 2.

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  1. I m sooooo sad and disappointed. It seems Singapore is part of his asia tour this year! Why??????

    I knew JKS only in January 2012 thru YAB which was shown on the national free channnel. Both my daughter and I like himself very much after a few episodes of YAB. Just like most of his eels, initially my impression after the first 2 episodes of YAB was – what a weird guy with one eye covered all the time” However by January this year, I became fascinated by his character on the show and was very curious about the band and thus started my search on the internet for this interesting guy..
    ( I thought initially that the band is a real Kpop band,,LOL)
    THus my search on the internet, I came to this wonderful blog where I found so much information on JKS and became hooked and addicted on him as I read more and more articles and information mainly from this wonderful blog.
    My daughter and I have already made plans to go to his concerts if he comes to Singapore this year again.
    Is it possible for us convey to Tree J company to include Singapore in the Asian tour??
    I m really really very sad right now.

  2. Like many eels.. we really miss Sukkie so much.. though I have seen him last Apr at Marina Square & Cri-show 2011 S’pore.. I hope to see him again his year.. hope he can come as my sister & friends are all fans of Sukkie as we went to Cri show together.. this year, I was hoping for a bigger gathering with more eel friends from JKS4ever blog & ECI.. we are already so excited… really hope more detail schedule will be release later…

    • QQ!!! Same feelings here! Ever since i saw him at Marina Square & Msia 2011 crishow, i am missing Sukkie so badly!! It has been a year since! 🙁 Miss Miss Miss!
      But too bad Spore is not on his list of countries. Even more sad now! Cos i was still hoping and so looking forward to the day all eels from JKSForever & ECI can all attend his crishow together! It would have been so fun going with everyone! Even had the idea of pinning our DIY eel toy on our t-shirt/caps etc….. But now…. *bubble burst!*
      Sob sob! 🙁

      • crazyoverJKS.. actually I still have hope as the schedule for Nov & Dec not announced yet.. I hope they are still negotiating with local entertainment agencies.. btw, did you see what Sukkie said about Cri show S’pore in the following interview at Lotte world fan meeting just in Feb 2012? The English translated version is shared by Kaori chan earlier.. it is private channel..but you can log in to watch. Because of what Sukkie said here, I have that hope in Nov & Dec… ^_^ cheer up and may we hear good news…

      • Yup yup QQ, i remember this video very clearly cos Sukkie mentioned Singapore! hahahaa! 😀
        Yes, really hope that his full list of crishow schedule is not out yet, although i know poor Sukkie will be busy like mad, but i wanna be selfish this time cos i really miss him so much! Wanna see him again! Hehehe! 😛

  3. I have a gut feel that perhaps the other Cri Shows will be finalised at a later date … notice that Tokyo and Hong Kong (or is it under East Asia ?) are also not in the schedule and I doubt he will give Tokyo a miss ! Keeping my fingers crossed for S’pore …

  4. Hi eels! ^^
    It seems that Singapore is not included in e list.. *super.super.sad*
    May I know if e list is finalise?
    Thanks in advance!
    Have a good day ahead!

  5. We indeed had lots of fun in Singapore 🙂 I hope to join more of the eel’s activities too! lets hope for the best!

  6. singapore not in schedule….
    malaysia not in schedule……
    i’m very sad…
    oppa i’m very sad~~~~~!!!
    do u know that… T.T

  7. I really hope Singapore is one of the countries that Suk will have his Cri Show. I regretted for not knowing him earlier. I have missed Cri show 2011 and Asia Tour 2010. I do not wish to miss this year again. (T_T)

  8. why not in the Philippines? :,( so sad… but nevermind, i’ll fly to Shenzhen just for keun-chan’s cri show…so—please tell me how I can get tickets for the Shenzhen show :,)

    • No, I don’t know yet.. hope Aphrael could help us..=) anyway zhy, can u inform me as soon as u knew how to get the ticket online.. let’s buy it together hehehe.. =) I’m worried that tickets might sell out fast..=s

      • Sure… I’m also worried..heard that the tickets for the Nagoya concert were sold out in 5minutes…same with the Taiwan concert on Aug…Its already sold out :,(

      • Hi sonja,

        Dunno which country you’re from, but even the Taiwanese eels swear at their own ticketing website. It’s hopeless. Taiwanese eels queue overnight to get tickets and not everyone gets it. The website crashed in under a minute – same thing happened in the past 2 years. And after you “select” your seat on the website and proceed to enter payment details, guess what? Someone at the physical ticketing counter would have sold your “selected” tickets to customers. I wouldn’t count on getting a ticket to Taiwanese show.

        This ticketing website is the worst I’ve seen.

      • Sonja, another reason why they don’t release the online ticket so soon is they afraid the tickets will go into black market like last year Cri-show in Taiwan.. due to high demand for Sukkie’s Cri show 2011 tickets, all 4000 tickets were sold out within 1 hour for the show but many eels fans could not get the tickets as many goes into black market and Sukkie has to add one more show for the following day to cater for his eels… I believe last year all tickets were sold out in 1 hour.. then the coming Cri show 2012 will be worst as it may be like the case of Japan, all tickets sold out within 5 mins! That is why the chances of getting tickets in Japan and Taiwan are almost zero for oversea eels.. below is a one of the news of this incident in Taiwan..

    • All cri show ticket sales information is NOT yet released. You may wish to continue to visit this site regularly. Will post when the information is out 🙂

  9. I had trouble buying tickets in Korea because of my foreigner card, and it sold out overnight. Does anyone have extras/know where to buy extras/know if the “foreigner purchase date” will really have available tickets?

    Thanks –

    • Hi Sheila,

      The Seoul tickets sold out in 10 minutes, so no more tickets available from 18 June.
      I believe it’s hard to get ticket now.

  10. May I know where can I get tickets for his concert in taiwan or bangkok?

    Please link me the official website.


  11. I am from Malaysia Can anyone tell me how to get JKS cri show 2 concert in Bangkok? I do not wish to miss this concert waiting for good news Thanks

  12. Is the Bangkok cri show officially cancelled? I’m still hoping that prince can make it because I didn’t see the cancellation announcement from Tree J posted in this blog …

    • Hi Belle,

      Tree-J and HS Media announced the cancellation around 3 weeks ago, just that we did not post the news here.
      The Bangkok show is officially cancelled.

      • Thanks for replying, Aphrael. I guess many eels are disappointed but we respect Tree-J’s decision. Hopefully, prince could make it next year ^^

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