[03-30-2012] KBS Twitter

Credits: KBS Twitter /KSC weibo
English Translation: Sarah Ye
03-30-2012 10:59am
통큰 남자 지성! 의리의 남자 지성! 100인분 밥차 선물을 들고 【 #KBS사랑비 】 촬영장을 깜짝 방문 했다는데요~ #장근석 씨의 치킨 선물에 대한 답례라고 하네요! 이 멋진 남자들! 우정까지도 멋저부려~
爽快男人池城!讲义气的男人池城!带着100人吃的伙食餐车作为礼物,突然造访【 KBS#爱情雨# 】拍摄现场~ #说是对#张根硕#炸鸡礼物的谢礼! 这些帅气的男人! 连友情都这么迷人~
Readily man Ji Sung, Loyal man Ji Sung! Made a surprise visit to KBS Love Rain Shooting Site with food truck for 100 people. He said he returned the favor for Jang Keun Suk’s earlier visit with Fried Chicken. These handsome men, even their friendship is so charming.

(Behind the story, last year when Ji Sung was shooting Protect The Boss, Jang Keun Suk visited him on site and brought fried chicken as gift for him and some team members. That’s why he said he returned his favor for that. Jang Keun Suk twittered)

3 thoughts on “[03-30-2012] KBS Twitter”

  1. Ji Sung, I love you even more for your action today. Your simple action must have made the LR Team so appreciative and happy. Also want you to know that I watched all your dramas and love them all. Thank you so much for showing support for our Prince. Sukkie needs friends more than ever now…and so he doesn’t feel like he has to fight the uphill battle by himself.

    I feel so happy knowing that Sukkie does have actor or actress who show support for him, especially in time of need. Hope Love Rain Team, please don’t get discourage by low rating and continue to produce great drama…no matter what happen. Don’t give up!!!! Love Rain, fighting fighting…


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