[Blog Notice] Welcome to new blog team member, sukkiefanncusa!

Ta da~~~ Introducing our “shiny” new member of JKS Forever blog team – sukkiefanncusa!
* round of applause *

Thanks to sukkiefanncusa for agreeing to join the team (without any hesitation!). I’m sure most of you know her in ECI as well, as she’s pretty active there too. With her contribution, I’m sure we’ll get to see more JKS updates. Already, her first post below is out!

6 thoughts on “[Blog Notice] Welcome to new blog team member, sukkiefanncusa!”

  1. CONGRATS SukkiefancUSA! I’m so happy now u can share ur hot news of Sukkie not only in ECI but at JKSforever too!!! Fighting!!! ^_^

  2. Yepppee…Happy…. Congratulations sis Sarah!! Finally, you are officially one of the contributors/administrators in this blog. I feel like you are one for long long time. Indeed, JKSForever has GREAT TEAM!!! GoGoGo JKSForever sisters, spread more Sukkie’s loves to the world.

  3. waaaah, sist sarah congratzzzz..!!! daebak!! always love your homework in ECI, waaah now u have another responsibility, good luck! 🙂

  4. Sarah… Congratulation!!! I’m confident you can contribute a lot to JangKeunSukforever as your hardwork & dedication to share as well as to translate articles in ECI are so much appreciated by all ^_^ Thanks for all the wonderful sharing…

  5. Thank you for the warm comments here, now I really hope that I won’t disappoint you. I will do my best!!! I know it’s great that I can work with Ivy and Kaori Chan, they are great team and they have done such a great job for this blog. As new comer, I will have a lot to learn and step by step. With the support from my team and you guys, I feel much more comfortable to do it.

    Thank you indeed from my heart.


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