[15.03.2012] U-gata TV (text-translation)

Credits: nannan1965
Chinese translation: Sukizumuzu weibo
English translation: SukkiefanNC

Text translation only, since this video was cameraed from TV, so here I just put text translation of what they said on TV.

The translation starts from video at 1:27 and ends at 5:23

Jang Keun Suk Occupied Screen, Love Rain Shooting in Hokkaido.
Below J: Jang Keun Suk (Geunjang), HT: Hostess, H: Host

Video clip was showing on the TV program
J: It is really cold.
HT: His Japanese is great. When he was walking in snow. His feet sunk and stuck in the snow. Geunjang was trying to continue shooting as normal, but, ahhh, again, he fell down.
H: Wahhh, they are still keep shooting.
HT: Now Yoona started to laugh so hard.
H: hahaha, NG.
HT: So, what’s shooting team prepared for Geunjang who is very afraid of cold weather.
(the hostess was interviewing Geunjang on shooting site in the video clip)
HT: Are you cold?
J: Still alive.
HT: Are you alright?
J: I hate cold weather the most. (caption on video: Geunjang’s personal tent) In fact, the manager of the company bought this tent just two days before we came to Hokkaido. Compare with the schedule seems this was more important.
HT: What are your thoughts of coming to such a cold Hokkaido to shoot this drama?
J: Shooting in Hokkaido, we got big wind and heavy snow. It’s very cold, but we are surrounding by the beautiful nature. So we can capture lots of very beautiful scenery which will fit to this love story very well.
(back to TV program setting)
HT: Now, these are some scenes that the two leading roles were interacting in the drama
(Video clip of part scenes from Love Rain, Seo Jun talked to Ha Na)
J: I’m not taking picture of you but the beautiful scenery over there. Get out of my way!
J: Kyaaa! What you were trying to do before you saw that.
(Video clip from JKS and Yoona in front of interview camera)
J: We worked hard for this drama, so we hope Japanese fans will pay attention and give your support to Love Rain.
J & Yoona together: Please make sure you watch Love Rain!

3 thoughts on “[15.03.2012] U-gata TV (text-translation)”

  1. LOL…Sukkie got stuck in the snow and Yoona just laugh…so cute scene. Little glimpse of Seo Jun’s character, big macho bad boy. Hmmm..sounds like HTK a little. Love Rain. Fighting!!!

    PS. I think the HT is an eel. kekekeke

  2. Yeah I thought to myself when I saw the clip of him getting stuck in the snow and kind of falling, and then getting out and getting stuck again… I was pretty sure Yoona would laugh. I mean, I think it is the most normal of reaction.
    I am sure it would be difficult for both of them to remain “in character.”


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