[Pic] JKS with DMC Greg

Original source: dmc_greg Instagram Miss my brothers already! Showing off our @Sting.It bracelets that feature the #DMC charm. #AsiaPrince #JKS #JangKeunSuk chose the black one, suitable for the #Porsche we made for him, while Urim and me got a red one.

[Pic] JKS with DMC Greg

Original source: dmc_greg Instagram Brothers be Brothers It makes me so glad to see my bro happy with the #DMC #Porsche991. My friend #AsiaPrince #JKS #JangKeunSuk received his car today which we tuned using parts from #TopCarFamily. #DmcHandShake

[Pics] JKS with PrinceTastic, DMC TopCar

UPDATE: added the original photo Original source: dmctuning Instagram This #Porsche991 is #PrinceTastic It belongs to Korean Super Star #JKS #JangKeunSuk #AsiaPrince. Using the #DMC styling and the best parts from #TopCarFamily who we represent in Asia. Thank you #Spitzen team as well for the technical support!

[Pics] DMC Luxury Limited Instagram posted some photos related to JKS

Original source: dmcluxury Instagram The #DmcRollsRoyce Ghost “SaRangHae” Edition, was exclusively developed for Asia Prince #JangKeunSuk #JKS by DMC. Not only does it wear our signature #DmcForged 24″ wheels, but also our outstanding #CarbonFiber kit for #RollsRoyce. What started as a passionate commercial project became friendship with one of the most creative musicians currently alive. SaRangHae or 사랑해 in Korean, means love, the strongest of all feelings. What better name for a car that combines the best of German engineering for a Prince that is loved all over Asia and beyond? More details are available at www.DMC.ag

[Pic] JKS with Greg Scho (DMC promotor)

Original source: dmcluxury Instagram What an exciting project in Korea, we are looking forward to the next one! Stay tuned for the official photos and videos… Thank you #JKS for choosing @DmcLuxury, thank you to our importer @JinPerformanceKorea for being our partner, and thank you @SpitzenMotors for handling the project so professionally. Respect!!

[article] Mods Rolls Royce Ghost For Korea’s ‘Asia

Now our Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk is well-known among car lovers as his exclusive model 🙂 Super cool! Credit: CARSCOOPS As if the British car manufacturer wasn’t making enough limited edition, bespoke models to begin with, DMC took a swing at its own exclusive, unique Roller as well. Called the “SaRangHae” Edition, this particular Rolls Royce was exclusively developed for “Asia Prince” aka Jang Keun Suk (who isn’t actually a prince, but a Korean actor and singer) by the German tuner.