[Pics] DMC Luxury Limited Instagram posted some photos related to JKS

Original source: dmcluxury Instagram

The #DmcRollsRoyce Ghost “SaRangHae” Edition, was exclusively developed for Asia Prince #JangKeunSuk #JKS by DMC.
Not only does it wear our signature #DmcForged 24″ wheels, but also our outstanding #CarbonFiber kit for #RollsRoyce.
What started as a passionate commercial project became friendship with one of the most creative musicians currently alive.
SaRangHae or 사랑해 in Korean, means love, the strongest of all feelings. What better name for a car that combines the best of German engineering for a Prince that is loved all over Asia and beyond?
More details are available at www.DMC.ag

Suitable for the DMC #JKS #RollsRoyce “SarangHae” Edition, the all white #DMCiPhoneCASE!
We made an all white #DmcRollsRoyce Ghost for Asia Prince #JangKeunSuk, what better accessory than this #iPhone6plus case?
Now in stock, buy it for USD 99 at http://shop.DMC.ag
LIMITED EDITION 1000 sets only. Gift Box, Cotton Bag and Carry on included as well as free international shipping.

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  1. Darling Suk, glad to see you achievement, being recognised by such prestige car company DMC RollsRoyce and design “SarangHae” Edition and the all white #DMCiPhoneCASE! just for you my darling is really Something, Mary loves you Suk and you deserved such reconition and treatment, love you


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