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  1. than you very much tenshi and please extend my thank you to your mother.Can I have your persmission to copy your mother’ FA and save it for me to read it over and over again..Thank you!!

  2. Million Thanks to tenshi-chan’s mother for sharing her wonderful experience and forever thanks tenshi-chan for posting it. Your mother’s story is so sweet and heart-warming. Instead of capturing the detail production, she captured the CORE production, which is matter most, be able to see and share Prince World with happiness and endless fun. I love your story, tenshi-chan mother. Thank you again. I never get tire of reading Eels’ real life story upon encountered with our Prince. He can capture the hearts of young and old a like. All eels cannot help but love and cherish this man. JKS truly is a genius. He can create a magical kingdom in a short time frame. Truly Amazing!!! Every time I read Fan account, me too mero-mero over him….. speechless.

  3. Tenshi – big thank you to you and your mother!

    On a different note, I gather Sukkie invested US$48million for this show and ticket sales were US$66million. That means profit probably about US$1.2million – which was how much he dontated to Hanyang University. This makes it even more special – he realised his dream and made a meaningful donation at the same time!

    • Wen, I fully agree with you Sukkie has no intention to made any profit from his Tokyo Dome performance as all his thoughts all to make all his eels having a great time with him in his imaginary & magical “castle” (even his official fanclub homepage site is a castle).. He actually mentioned a few months back (if I’m not wrong during MMM concert) that he hope to have a castle which he can invite his eels to his home castle.. they can visit the castle even when he is away overseas… at that time, I was thinking is Sukkie thinking of owning a castle-like building already in Korea? ^_^

  4. Tenshi dear!!! Thank you so much to both your mum & yourself for sharing this wonderful FA with us. 🙂
    Glad that your mum had a wonderful time with JKS. 🙂

  5. Thanks Tenshi for sharing with us….definitely a concert to remember…I’m glad your mother enjoyed it…

  6. Kaori-chan, I can understand why your mum cried while describing the FA to you.. I’m so touched by this account & thanks so much for the translation.. also I’m glad your mum has a great & memorable time… really I want to say “Thank you” to your mum for sharing her experience with us ^_^

  7. Kaori-chan, these words had me tearing:
    ‘Thanks, my daughter. I’ve rejuvenated a lot and loved him more since then!’
    I love the relationship you have with your mom 🙂 Since losing 2 mothers, I feel the loss so much more now….

  8. Wow! Tenshi, is it ok if i say that ur Mom is just a COOL MOM! I don’t know how old she is but from her shuffle dance i feel that she’s really energetic woman!!..hehe… She’s so adorable! I love the way She wrote FA!! I don’t know why but i was so excited when reading her FA!! Mayb that’s bcoz the words came out from sincere heart!!! Thank u!! Say big thanx to ur Mother too and tell her that from now on i’m “Mero Mero” over her too!!! 🙂

  9. i hope my mom also like korean dramas and fan of sukkie, so we can share about it like you did with your mom 🙂 hhhhmmmm.. impossible wishes. lol.
    Thanks for the news 🙂

  10. Thank you so much Tenshi for sharing your mom’s account of the show. Its so special to have something like this to share with your mother.

  11. kaori-chan, thanks thanks so much for you and your mom’s sharing! big thanks, as in ^_^. just by reading this fan account makes me feel you mom’s and the other eels’ happiness! so glad for you having a very cool mom!

    on the other hand, i was surprised by the sight of kang ji-hwan! i love both of them.

  12. thank you so much to you and your mom for this wonderful FA, tenshi!!! i can feel your mom’s love and support for sukkie in this account. you’re really lucky to have such a wonderful mom whom you can share your love and craze for Sukkie with. i wish i can have someone like that, it would have been twice as crazy and fun… 🙁

  13. Kaori-chan, yeah I well understand how she will feel after the concert ….. *still dreamy*
    Dun know till when …….coz that happy moment with Sukkie will always in her memory

  14. QQeyes! Does Suk use weibo account? Is it like a twitter or different? I’m justing thinking abt signing up on weibo! I want to follow him, want to b closer to him… i don’t understand chinese though…

    • Miracle, I can share one vid created by Alex (USAeel) with step by step to teach eel how create a Weibo account based on her experience.. Thanks Alex for that ^_^ btw, Sukkie is a bit inactive at Weibo recently I guess due to his busy schedule.. but you can also follow KSC (KuenSukChina) Weibo as this fanclub is very active with daily news of Sukkie and I notice the team also translate many vids & upload to Youtube recently..

    • LOL miracle i started using weibo too but couldnt unders anything..and when people forward or comment on my pic i start blinking lol…but jus accepted it…mayb i should jus learn one word in chinese lik thank you…and reply the same to everyone..but in terms of pics and videos weibo is faster and thats wer i get most of my pics…so it would be great to have someone as lost as i am there..comeon join soon… 😀 though its a pity sukkie is not much active there… hmmmm

      • hi meg, i am also recently joined weibo and i am lost, too! LOL! i don’t even know if i am already logged in until i see my username on the upper right hand corner. 😀 i haven’t really logged in for sometime now and i haven’t tried sharing pics and stuff (how do you say it in weibo, ‘coz for twitter it’s “tweet) but i did follow Sukkie after signing up. what’s your name in weibo, sis? i will follow you and hope you can follow me back… so we can get lost in it together. hahaha!

      • Am the same as in twitter Meg_JKS… jus do somethin to let me know its u sis!! LOL mayb shout in weibo kekeke 🙂

  15. Few days not visiting this wonderful pond makes me far left behind..And when I read Tenshi’s mom FA, just wanna cry…deeply touched…
    And just like sis Farina said, I also miss my late mom while reading this FA…
    @Tenshi, love to feel your love to each other, so sweet…

  16. “I was always given a lot of energy by you. You are absolutely necessary for my happiness. So you must be much happier than I.”

    He said these!! Waaooowww love you Prince..

    And yes sis your mom’s words are enough to say why she couldn’t stop her tears..
    And those were early days of his stardom.. He must have worked so hard.. ❤ But glad to see these names of eels who were there with then n now too.. Long live Prince & eels together!!

  17. And Kang Ji Hwan visited​ JKS’s concert!!
    That means they had good relations even after Hong Gil Dong.. good!!

    And since 2 days I m actually rewatching JKS’s part from HGD.. hihi.. Excellent “Yi Chang Hui” :)❤

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