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    • Hi sukkiefanNC! The place where I stay now is very warm. But people say it’s unusual, so maybe we’ll have snow in December. On Wednesday I finished all tests, so I feel free!!!!
      Anyway, I translated the vid, so I’ll send it to aphrael. ^^

    • Its inevitable that he will make friends as people get to know him and realize he’s not all hot air like so many people are who make promises and never keep them. Sukkie always does what he says he will do and if he can’t for whatever reason (like with the Halloween show) he comes out and is straight with everyone to let them know. I’m not familiar with Verbal Jint. Only reason I even know the name is they guested for him on the Tokyo Dome show. Are they Korean or Japanese artists?

      • Vebal Jent is Korean. I only know him through sukkie too ^_^ Sukkie is the first Korean I know. Verbal Jent is sukkie’s friend since high school (or that’s what I’ve heard. please, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong)

        Andrea , I do agree on everything you said ^_^

      • LOL… I fell a little bit more in love with him yesterday as I concluded his 2010 Asia tour DVD. I also discovered a lot things he said he would like to do in these videos (like the wire across the audience) he actually has incorporated into his shows this year. He’s just so incredibly adorable and manly at the same time. Can’t wait to get his photo book now!

        So anyway, its just nice that there is an artist that actually does what they say they will do and keeps promises even if it might not be convenient.

      • It’s Joosuc who was his old friend. He never met Verbal Jint before but he liked his songs so invited him to be his guest. At Tokyo Dome, Sukkie asked VJ how he felt when his manager first contacted him and VJ said he was surprised, happy and honoured. As usual, Sukkie has made another friend. Not only he likes to extend friendship but he also help other artists. Such a great person!

      • Thanks for clarifying Wen ^_^ I knew one of the men he invited was an old friend but couldn’t remember which one.
        He truly is a great person. He’s helping in promoting VJ by doing all this. He has also helped promote PSH since she recently signed a contract in Japan and wants to one day hold a concert.
        I totally agree with everything you said!

      • @andrea,I agree with you girl,while watching some of his tour,I cried and laughed at the same time..Such a wonderful man who care’s for his fans safety and satisfaction..A man who wants perfection for his fans to enjoy something that he prepared even if its too hard for him to bear.Nothing is impossible with Sukkie and there’s always a way.What touches me the most was his SG tour where a fan (with disability,sorry for my word) went to see him and he’s so warm shaking her hand,oh my It made me cry..And then he’s worried that his fans will be wet and might feel cold co’z its raining outside.That he needs to leave the venue (Cri Show in China) as soon his performance was over so that his fans would be safe and saying “I had to leave and obey security rules for your safety,please don’t hate me”..Too many reasons to love this man..I will love you Sukkie,forever!!

  1. Hi Aphrael, sorry, I don’t for this blog how I should give some feed. Here is a vid that Sukkie congrats for Hanyang University for its 70th. He was so humble and just said that he would study hard to make his school proud and recognized by the world. Aphrael, is you have time you can translate into English, it was Chinese sub.

    Enjoy eels. I just love this kid, he is great inside and out.


    • a brief translation of the vid (Aphrael: hope u dun mind me being a “kpo” here, but i thought i could help in whatever little way i can)

      *translation starts*
      Hello everyone! I am JKS from the class of 06 drama specialization of Hanyang University. I have been in this university for 3 years. Today is the Uni’s 70th anniversary, and i feel so proud! In order to let the name “Hanyang” be made known and that the whole world will get to know of this University, i will continue to work hard; and being a student of Hanyang, i will do my very best! thank you.

    • Yi Fei, Sukkie will not change his mind. In a recent interview, he mentioned that he did the right thing in closing his Twitter account. I don’t know exactly why he closed it but I’m guessing it’s probably for the same reason he closed his Cyworld previously. He closed Cyworld because he did not want eeels to see the abusive words from antis so it was to protect eels. Anyway, you can follow him on Apps if you have that facility in where you live. There is another article on this website which tells you how to access his Apps (written by Tenshi).

      • thanks for that info, wen. i don’t know cyworld but i now understand better why he closed his twitter account. well, knowing him and the kind of personality he has, i knew there was a deeper reason in closing his account other than just always running low on battery. i greatly admire how he protects his eels. and i love him more than ever because of it. he is truly amazing and one of a kind.

    • Yi Fei, many times, I notice Sukkie did many decisions also to protect his eels, like he said many times.. actually, I agreed with both Wen & browneyes888, it is a wise a decision to close his Twitter account & communicate closely with his eels using JKS apps.
      I remember another incident which I believe Sukkie may be involved in a decision not to broadcast the last part of the a show recorded in China – 我爱记歌词 (I remember lyrics), many Chinese eels complained to the TV station for not broadcasting the last part which many has done the recording with Sukkie in the 3 hours programme.. but if we look at the last part on vid, we will see the reason why it is decided not to be broadcasted though it is very entertaining & touching with the interactions between Sukkie & eels.. some eels finally understand though the actual reason may never be known.. from my observation, Sukkie may have made the decision with the TV station not to broadcast as he wants to protect some eels from being embarrassed on national TV… in the end, these part of the vids are given as gift to eels for viewing though not broadcast on national TV… Thus, from this incident, I always feel Sukkie is really a considerate man, not only to the ppl around him but to his eels ^_^

      • Thanks QQeyes for the info, I never knew about the incident at China TV show. To be honest, I fell in love with Sukkie in YAB but he became very feminine for a while and I almost dropped him. However, after knowing him more, I am now proud to be his fan. Outside appearances don’t matter, it is his inside that counts, he has such a big heart. He is an all round artiste after all, not an idol star. Recently, I told myself to refrain from spending so much time surfing the internet on him and get on with my life but alas, it didn’t work!

      • He did not respond poorly with the girl who could not remember the lyrics… but helped her along with it. He looked so sincere in helping her. What a gentleman! 🙂

  2. QQ. Thank you very much for the vid. This is really so lovely and touching! It’s for these kind of warm hearted, natural actions that we all love him . It goes way beyond his good looks, because you can find good looking people all over the world! but such kind of sensitivity and care that is a rare quality!


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