12 thoughts on “[Video] YMP Filming Diary promotion”

  1. Aphrael thank you so much for sharing… Sukkie truely care so much for His eels and want us to feel close to Him as much as we do…n may be thats what made Him prepared the DVD.. So sweet of Him….I LOVE HIM.
    My problem now is how to get it?……
    from India

    • Lol!!! me too…how can i get it??
      and sis dint know u wer fro india..kekeke!! which part?


  2. i miss this man very much,thank you tenshi and aphrael,I will definitely save this vid..And Sukkie you’re not just a pet but a family member to everyone here *_*

    • LOL.. definately a family member. I’m considering us distantly non-blood related otherwise how I feel with definately not be right!! Thanks again Aphrael for sharing video. I hope this DVD and the movie are available someday. Still working on my letter. I keep on getting off track but want it to be just right.

  3. Sharing with eels a fanmade MV of Sukkie’s new song “Oh My Lady” (Korean version of Mandy).. not sure if the lady who sings is KHN but sounds like her.. this Korean version of the song is more like musical whereas Eng version “Mandy” like ballad (which I consider Sukkie’s voice most suitable for ballad as he has a very warm voice..)
    And the last part of this MV has included the most talk about scene ^_^


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