17 thoughts on “[Fan Account] Siew Hin’s CRISHOW 3 FUKUOKA HALL – 1 & 2 APRIL 2015 experience

  1. Oh, Siew Hin, i’m laughing so hard that i”m crying because i see myself in you! I think i would die from a heart attack if i saw him rigth in front of me. That smile of him is a killer for sure… Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    • May,
      You will stop breathing – but your heart will be pounding.
      You will lose all logical conscious thoughts.
      You will do and say things that you never thought of – and may embarrass yourself even.
      You will think you died and went to Heaven.
      BUT….. you will come back alive – because you will need to do this all over again!

  2. Your FA is completely adorable! Thank you so much for helping us FEEL everything you experienced – including your opinion of those #%&@ sunglasses! His charisma comes through so clearly in his photos, so in person he must really be dazzling!!!

    • Cmroma
      It was very frustrating – I never got to see his whole face with my own eyes that entire trip – and I saw him so many times!

  3. Thanks Hin for such wonderful FA and I didn’t feel bored at all reading it again and again….whenever you mentioned SOMEONE I really LOL

    • Casey… don’t laugh at SOMEONE as without SOMEONE… do you think Hin will wait at airport for so many hours.. go to beach before sunrise and standing in the cold? ^_^ SOMEONE is a catalyst and support for her crazier action ^_^

  4. Oh, Siew Hin, I so love your fan accounts! I wish I could experience just a fraction of everything you and Mui Mui have experienced this year.

  5. This was actually the 2nd FA I’ve ever written.
    The first – I’m still not comfortable to share openly – Team H Shanghai 2013 – the only Team H party in China todate.

    But feeling nostalgic tonight since it is the New Year, and very appreciative of being part of the eels pond where I’ve met many good friends who are such a big part of my life, even more than our Prince himself.

    For my friends – and those who will become one :

    (This is only for eels who are my facebook friends)

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