[Fan Account] Siew Hin’s CRISHOW 3 FUKUOKA HALL – 1 & 2 APRIL 2015 experience

December 27, 2015 in Fan Account by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

So sorry to take time to post Siew Hin’s lively FA here. I got it from her in September, but around that time, he had many upcoming events, so I failed to find the best timing to share hers here. In addition, I’ve been so busy… *crying crying… but as 2015 is about to end, so I finally posted it here today. It was her first FA shared with us (at first in ECI only), then, she shared some FAs before here, [Fan Account] A Singaporean eel Siew Hin’s exciting experience about LIVE IN SEOUL and [Fan Account] Live In Shanghai & Epilogue. But this one was her FIRST FA. So it’s more meaningful. She before hesitated to share her exciting experience in words, but now she’s willing to do for us. I really appreciate her help. Reading her first FA and her CRI SHOW 3 experience, now you can see CRI SHOW 3 DVDs. Actually she didn’t write much about the show itself, but around her behind-scenes stories. It’s well-written enough to imagine her experience would be yours. Enjoy your winter holidays!

Credit: Siew Hin (her old blog ID was ‘niamki’) from Singapore and ECI
Photo credits as tagged

I tend to suffer severe memory loss whenever I attend his shows.
And it took me a long time to get round to writing this – so I really can’t remember much of what happened during the 2 shows.

So for this FA, it will be about anything but the show.

2015 – I was suppose to cut down on the number of shows this year.

Ha! At the end of 2014, when he said he will have a last Team H show in Seoul…his home country… how was I suppose to say no? And it was going to be held on the very first month of January – haizzz.

After having secured the Seoul Team H tickets – I did regret deciding to go – when he announced he was having Cri Show 3…. starting as early as March 14 and 15 in Osaka.

As things turned out, I was glad I went for Seoul Team H. It was one of the most emotional time for an eel. And I was so glad I was able to be there to lend him the support.

CS3 – Hall and Arena shows. That was easy – have to attend 1 Hall and 1 Arena show. But, once the schedule was announced, I could only attend the Osaka Hall and the Osaka Arena.

So when tickets application started for the Hall shows… I failed to get the Osaka Hall tickets during the 1st round of applications. Everyone else I knew got theirs, except my partner and I (Mui Mui)!

So, had to go through the nail-biting ticket application the 2nd round. Irony was, 2nd round applications took place while both of us were in Seoul. And a very kind and helpful fellow eel (you know who you are) did the applications on our behalf. Applications closed at midnight on 26 Jan, a few hours before our flight departed from Seoul.

Our flight was delayed for almost 30 minutes. 5 minutes before the flight departed, I decided to be a typical Singaporean – I will be “kiasu” (literal meaning in dialect – scared to lose out) – I will apply for another venue just in case we failed to Osaka Hall tickets again.

In that 5 minutes, I decided to go for Fukuoka, persuaded Mui Mui to attend an additional show if we are lucky enough to get both Osaka and Fukuoka, and got the same kind helpful eel to fill out another application for me – and pay for it with her own credit card as well. All in the 5 minutes the plane was taxiing on the runway for takeoff!

(Will figure out how to get my butt to 2 Hall shows if I’m that lucky; will also have to figure out what excuse to give my boss for taking leave at a time I’m not suppose to; will figure out how to explain to my hubby why I’m chasing Suk an additional time).

As it turned out, failed to get Osaka Hall tickets but got Fukuoka instead! (See, there are very good reasons why Singaporeans are super kiasu!)

But… only secured tickets for Day 1. Now we had to figure out how to get Day 2 tickets. Thanks to another extremely wonderful helpful eel (you know who you are too), who spent much time and effort helping us, we got our Day 2 tickets after several failed attempts!

Fukuoka! Here we come!

Not knowing which flight he would arrive that day, we reached the airport at 1pm in case he arrived on the 3.30pm flight. He arrived at 7.55pm and we got to see him at about 8.30pm.

Waited 7.5 hours for him at the airport. The same time it would have taken me to fly home. Sitting on the cold hard floor. My bum was really so sore from sitting. But I’ll do it again tomorrow if I had the chance.
I confess – I did it – but I had no idea I was doing it.

I didn’t even realize I did it – until a couple of weeks later back home.

It was a totally involuntary reflex reaction on my part.

No one who knows me can believe I did it – not even Mui Mui or other eels who know how not-normal I am.

When he arrived at Fukuoka airport, when he was smiling until hot brilliant stars were shooting out from his smiles, right in front of me, maybe not more than 3 meters away from me, no one blocking my direct sight of him (and therefore no one hiding me from him), he blew a series of flying kisses in my direction….

What would any normal self-respecting out-of-her-mind-eel do at the very second?????

Wouldn’t you also blow a series of hot wet loud flying kisses back to him??

Mui Mui is very sure he saw – cos there was really no one blocking his view then. And every other eel present at the airport that day was doing the same identical action that minute – both hands were gripping their handphones and ipads tightly and taking videos and photos of him.

Me?? I suck at taking photos – my handphone was safely kept in my bag. My hands were free. What else was I suppose to do with them? What his hands were doing – send flying kisses back to him of course!

For your info – there are eel-rules on airport etiquette :
– no screaming – until he is right in front of you
– you have to sit/stand at the designated area
– first 3 rows, have to be seated (but at 3rd row you can sit on small low stools). 4th row onwards, you can stand.

(I was at the 4th row when he arrived – so……. He could see very clearly if he was looking)

Never did this before.

On Day 1, we decided to wait at the hotel to see him leave the hotel for the show venue. Mainly as we were staying at the same hotel as him, and because SOME ONE dragged me out of bed at 6am to go dig sand on the beach in the early morning cold without any proper shovel (when we went to bed at almost 3am after not having slept for more than 30 days) – we (ok me) got up only at noon and did not have enough time to make it to the venue to wait instead.

This was the message SOME ONE and our Japanese friend left for him on the beach – “STAND BY U JKS”

It was of course – raining. And our Japanese friends (for reasons still unknown to me) decided to wait for him in the open air part of the hotel in the rain. I was freezing – so I waited under shelter with some (very little) blockage from the cold sea wind that was blowing.

He was suppose to leave the hotel between 2 to 2.30 pm. Of course – he was late. He left after 3pm. With good reasons, I should have been a kabayaki eel by then. Instead – I was a frozen eel. Really frozen. I run into the hotel toilet to hide from the cold and to thaw a few times – taking the risk that I would miss seeing him leave the hotel altogether.

(SOME ONE was crazy enough to stand in the rain the whole time)

After more than an hour, in cold numbing temperature, at a distance when he looked like an ant – ok, not that small, maybe a grasshopper – he appeared.

Sigh…. All that for the 1 and half seconds it took him to walk out of the hotel lift into his black van – yes it’s a black van.

But I saw him – I did!

Long enough to know he was again wearing those **** sunglasses again. It was raining for goodness sake – there was no sun. It was dim and cloudy.

And he drove past so fast (because he was SOOOOOOO late) – tinted windows all wound up!

Now that I have done this “experience” – my advice is to wait for him at the venue instead, when he arrives for rehearsal before show. You will most likely see him as tends to drive past slowly with windows down – from what other eels say.

We didn’t do this on Day 2 – yeah – I got to do my sight seeing.
Day 2 was the only day it DID NOT RAIN. It was sunny and cool, and we saw the most beautiful Sakura ever! (my first time – so it is the most beautiful I’ve seen so far).

Day 1 after the show – we acted real cool after the show, taking our time to exit the hall, queued at the ladies, took a drink and strolled to where the entire hall audience seemed to have migrated to – just to see him drive past.

Didn’t have to wait long – but as we were late, we were standing at the 4th row. Did I mention I’m really short? But I still managed to see him as he drove past slowly, waving and smiling at all his eels. It was dark, but there were street lights and (I think) the lights were on in the car.

Finally – he wasn’t wearing those hated sunglasses. But…. the tinted windows were only half down. So… sigh…. I got to see only his eyes and half his nose. No smile, no full face.

Day 2 – we were not acting cool anymore! We run like hell out of the venue the second the show ended. Didn’t even bother to go to the toilet – my bladder was really bursting that night.

But…. I got the best view ever!

Because we were early – I got to climb up on the pillar at the back.
SOME ONE is much taller than me – so she happily stood at the 2nd row and towered above everyone else for a good view.

I had bird poo all over my hands climbing up and down. Stood on that little bit of tiny ledge for the 20 or so minutes while waiting for him. Had a hard time figuring how to get my old bones down after all was over.

But it was worth it!

His van drove by even slower that night. He was waving and smiling. The light in the van was definitely on cos I saw him so clearly – wearing those **** sunglasses again!!!!

But he was smiling – and I screamed my head off – I was definitely too far for him to see me doing that.

I was grumpy like crazy that day – I wanted to go to the outskirts of Fukuoka to sightsee. But no, SOME ONE had to sent him home at the airport. She was so sweet about her request, smiling at me while telling me she would REALLY LOVE to have the total Suk experience as she had never sent him home at the airport before. So she had to waste that 1 single full day we had and spend half of it waiting for him at the airport. Besides, she said ever so sweetly again, it was raining and it would not be a nice day for sight seeing. (even the heavens had to be on her side).

We got there slightly late – and all the good places were already taken. We managed to find a spot right in front of a HUGE pillar – boy, was I grumpy.

Of course he had to be late. Really late. He really cut it very close to departure time – he arrived only 20 minutes before his flight was to depart. My legs and back were aching and I was calling him all sorts of names by that time for being so late and wasting my time.

Then he turned up. With those damn sunglasses on again!

And I turned into a total mess of jelly!


That smile. That beautiful genuine mega-watt smile.

And I could see him so clearly from the moment he stepped into the departure hall till he went into security – a full minute.

He smiled all the way, waving, blowing flying kisses.
He didn’t walk, he floated – wind beneath his wings. Now I know what that means. I really felt the wind blowing as he approached and after he walked past
He was glowing, and smiling.

And of course, right when he passed where we were standing – he blew a few flying kisses our way. I died. And went to heaven. And I have not actually settled back to earth yet even today.

This time, I didn’t do anything to embarrass myself – I think. I was just too stunned by how beautifully sexy he looked that day. I couldn’t even scream – I tried – no sound came out.

Of course by then, I was no longer grumpy. The rain had stopped, but I was no longer interested in any sightseeing. What would I want to see after that – when I had just seen again, the most amazing sight in this world.

Side note :
I was actually standing in the 5th row. And I wouldn’t have been able see him at all (I’m really short). But there was this pretty kind Japanese eel, who when she realized I wasn’t Japanese – asked the taller eel in front of me to move aside so that I could take her place so that I could have a better view.
This is just one of many such experiences I had during this Fukuoka trip.

Fukuoka CS3 – the total Suk experience!
– Got to welcome him at the airport when he arrived in Fukuoka.
– Stayed in the same hotel as him (never got to see him though)
– Sent him off from the hotel when he left the hotel to the show venue on Day 1.
– Sent him off from the venue after the show (Day 1 and 2)
– Sent him off when he departed Fukuoka for Seoul.
– Even got to dig a message on the beach in front of his hotel room (ok – I dug all of 5 seconds before I gave up and watched Mui Mui do it with another eel)

And throughout my complete Suk-experience in Fukuoka…..
– Never got to see his face at all with my own eyes at the 2 shows
– Never got to see his eyes – he was wearing @!*&% sunglasses all the time, even in the middle of the night after the shows!!!!


Fukuoka for me – was the greatest high I ever got from attending any of his shows!

His smile was so brilliant those few days.

Maybe because I couldn’t see his eyes – he was wearing those god****** sunglasses – even had that darn hoodie on at the airport – so all I could see was his smile…. and that boy of ours was smiling so brilliantly – it was so dazzling it was electrifying!

I was so badly electrocuted – my brains really got fried – right from the first moment I saw him at the airport. Until I got home – took me weeks to get back to normal (normal for me is being not very normal by non-eel standards – not even by eels standards!)

I really hope that the CS3 Hall DVD will have many parts from Fukuoka.
I need to finally see how he really looked like during these 2 shows.

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