[Fan Account] Live In Shanghai & Epilogue

October 27, 2015 in Fan Account by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

Credit: niamki (Siew Hin) from Singapore and ECI

Managed to write this before I forget all other details – especially since Team H Halloween starts tomorrow.
24 Oct 2015 – Live In Shanghai

At Shanghai International Gymnastics Centre Hongqioao – 4,000 capacity – and it was 95% full. 🙂

The moment he appeared – I knew we will be screaming till our throats are sore.

KMG from MMM just walked out from the screen in front of our eyes and started singing My Bus.

After the first 30 seconds I knew he was all out to woo seduce and drive us crazy. His hands were all over the place, moving non-stop, up and down the mike, on him, touching his hair, wriggling his fingers constantly. He was like that the whole night! 😀

He was so high, dancing like it was a Team H party instead of a solo concert. At times his dance moves were seductive sexy.

Other times he was sweet romantic wooing us like a prospective boyfriend. He dropped onto his knees countless times in the middle of his songs. ❤❤❤

At all times he was cheeky mischievous cute loveable. He was so happy, laughing and joking with us as if we were long-time close friends.

There were many flying kisses.
He teased, he joked, he smiled, he grinned, he laughed.

He teased us non-stop.
Kept making us scream louder and louder.
He even said the number of songs that he will sing during encore will depend on how loud we screamed.

Boy did we scream!
The whole venue even started stamping our feet while screaming.
Finally he told us to stop.
But he was pleased. 🙂

With a serious sober face, he explained that normally in bigger venues he would be wearing a earphone to hear himself sing. But that would affect the atmosphere of the show. So………. he gave us his cheeky smirk, pushed his hair behind both ears…….. and showed us he wasn’t wearing any!

The atmosphere got higher immediately!

But just before he started singing What Should I Do, he gave us another cheeky but sheepish grin – and put on the earphones

I can’t remember much more.
Except these :

* He sat down in the front of stage (on my side!) when he sang Love Letter
* The only time he wore a ear phone was during What Should I Do. When he finished, he grined and pat his chest with mock relief.
* Can You Hear Me seemed much longer than during Seoul.
* Of course – he nailed What Should I Do and Can You Hear Me PERFECTLY!

This was definitely the most high most happy and most sexy show of his I’ve ever attended.

I really do hope he will release a DVD of this show so that all his eels can experience this as well.

25 Oct 2015 – day after Live In Shanghai

Our flight to Osaka was 3.25 pm but we reached airport at 10.45 am to check in – hoping that we would be able to see him board his flight.

We had news that he had changed his flight from Seoul to Osaka and was taking a 1.30 flight.
We also heard that he would not be taking the VIP route again.

We saw him!
We waited for him near his boarding gate.

He was walking on the travellator – facing us – towards us.
There were many eels walking with him, behind him. But there was no one between him and us!
Clear unblocked view.
And with every second – he came nearer, clearer, bigger! Walking to us!

The adrenaline rush was incredible.
Some of us told him we are from Singapore, and he responded with a bow and clasp hand! 😀 (silly boy! That’s the Thai greeting, not Singaporean) All I could do was smile brightly and wave to him 😀

Just before he got off the travellator, we ran to where he would take the escalator down to board his plane.
As he started the ride down the escalator, he took off his sunglasses and we got to see his full beautiful face!
We told him to come to Singapore again.

A few of us also told him “see you in Osaka”! When he heard that, he lifted his 2 hands, tilted his head back and smiled.
Then Hazy Lee shouted one of the few Chinese phrases he knows, one he would say without fail during his Chinese shows – 冰淇淋 有吗? (Do you have ice-cream?)
He immediately turned round with a smile and answered us – 有 (have).
We were flying so high!

Hazy then shouted another of his Chinese phrase which he always use to flirt with Chinese eels – 给我电话号码 (give me your phone number)
We never expected his next 2 responses!!!!

Immediately without thinking, he answered us with a hand signal of “call me” – the hand at his ear.
Took him 2 seconds to realize WE were being cheeky and flirting with him! He turned and face us with a grin, pointed and waved his finger at us!!

That was the point we all went nuts and screamed like crazy. He was laughing at us screaming as he disappeared from sight!
We are still high and floating from that few minutes encounter with him!

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