[Fan Account] A Singaporean eel Siew Hin’s exciting experience about LIVE IN SEOUL

September 17, 2015 in Fan Account by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

Tada~! Finally our Siew Hin (a.k.a. niamki here) wrote up her FA this time. She’s attended many his shows, but she haven’t shared her FAs in public before, but finally she did it! You’ll see the reason why she did it reading her exciting experience at LIVE IN SEOUL. Her seat was perfectly close to him. That’s why she couldn’t stop staring at him. Reading her exciting feelings can bring us to the virtual experience. Enjoy, eels! You may have the next chance! Thanks Hin 🙂
Credit: niamki(Siew Hin) from Singapore and ECI

‘LIVE IN SEOUL’ set list
Part 1

1) My Bus

2) Beautiful Change (CS3 version)

3) Driving To The Highway (CS3 version)

4) Hello Hello
(slow version)
5) Oh My Darling (Stopped & restarted)

6) Love Letter 

7) Without Words
Part 2

8) When Spring Comes (behind screen)

9) Under One Umbrella (behind screen)

10) In My Dreams (CS3 version)

11) My Precious (CS3 version with guitar)

12) Turn Off (with cigarette)

13) What should I do (not full song)

14) Can You Hear Me (not full song)

15) I Will Promise You

16) Still

17) Promise

18) Melody We Make Together 
(CS3 version)
19 Feel The Beat (Chinese version)

did not take my breath away the entire 2.5 hours (CS1 Malaysia 2011)
not his most stunning stage I’ve ever witness (CS2 Shenzhen/Taiwan 2012),
not at his most crazy beautiful I’ve seen (Team H Shanghai/Bangkok 2013),
did not make me cry half the show (Zikzin Fest Osaka 2013)
not at his most touching (Proposal Seoul 2014),
not at his cutest/funniest (Zikzin Man Shanghai/Guangzhou 2014),
not the highest high I’ve ever felt (Team H Nagoya/Osaka 2014),
not my most heart wrenching experience (Team H Seoul 2015)
not his most amazing vocals I’ve heard (CS3 Fukuoka/Kobe 2015),

Did not understand a word he said throughout the whole 2.5 hours – so I really have no idea what he actually said. Will have to wait for the DVD in December.

Did not see the main screen at all – so have no idea what was shown up there. Vaguely I have the impression there were pictures that were similar to CS3. Eels who were there said his face was shown on that huge screen. I have to take their word for it – until I see the DVD.

Only stole a few glances at the 2 side screens (maybe 5 times throughout the show?) As usual, these 2 screens will show close ups of his face. Had to force myself to look at the screen at least a few times – to look at the huge close up of his beautiful face, his hypnotizing eyes, his electrifying expressions on the screen.

But it was a no brainer for me – to look at that huge screen or stare hard without blinking at his whole real-self standing just meters away from me.

I was staring so hard, so intently – that I didn’t really hear him, not really.
So for all I know, his vocals could have been totally outstanding that night.
But I can’t swear on my love for him (I’m sorry Suk) – his vocals did not register in my brain that night.
I only know he was NOT BAD. He didn’t sing out of tune at all that night – not even once.

(For me, to date, he was vocally at his best in CS3 Fukuoka – because I was so far away I never saw his face with my own eyes at all. So all I could do was listen to him with my eyes and ears, heart and soul)

When I collected my ticket, didn’t even strike me to check where I was sitting. When fellow eels asked, I just stared at them blankly till they made me dig out my ticket. Didn’t quite understand why they were blabbering so excitedly about. They dragged me to the seating plan – then it registered.
My seat that night was Block 103, Row 14, Seat 7.
4th row at the centre block, in front of the extended stage.
So, during a few of the songs which he sang on the extended stage, he was standing just 2-3 metres from me. Even when he was standing on the main stage, I could still see him very well.

Hear him? Brain couldn’t handle so much details – not when every single braincell I had was straining to imprint every single detail of his eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, chin, eyebrow, hair (in that order) permanently in my mind.

His eyes are Big. Beautiful. Shining. Almond shaped. Twinkling. Expressive. With eyeliner.
Nose is sharp. Delicate. Perfectly shaped.
Lips………… sigh……… Heart-shaped. Seductive. Gentle. Beautiful.
Cheeks – definitely not puffy. Not chubby. V-shaped.
Chin – the perfect end to his V-shape face.
Eyebrows…..kkkkkkk – dyed too red. A bit too manly and fierce-looking for his face that night.
Hair………….hated it! Why why why???? Why did he have that 1st style? And when he finally tied it up in a ponytail with two lose wisp – he was sitting behind the screen and I couldn’t see him clearly. Only had a short glimpse of it when sang In My Dreams but he was standing at the main stage – not near enough! Then ………. He put on that darn cowboy hat and never took it off! When the hat came off – so did the ponytail – and it was back to the 1st style!

What was he wearing?
1st set – Black Jacket, T-shirt with a guy’s face, yellow leather pants with zips at the side
2nd set – Long black and white checked shirt, grey t-shirt, black pants – and that darn cowboy hat
3rd set – “Live With You” t-shirt, and black pants – the same black leather pants

The first 3 rows were all Korean eels – it was obvious – they were listening and responded the same way whenever he said something. The rest of us – Chinese, Japanese and International eels just concentrated on staring and smiling.

So he had challenged us eels to make him laugh before he finished singing the 5th song.
The lady sitting right in front of me really tried – she put on a mask three times during that 5 songs. It was a really silly looking horse mask with a huge carrot through its nose. He didn’t seem to have noticed the first 2 times. So the 3rd time, while he was in the middle of singing, she put on the mask and stood on the chair!

The second she stood up straight – he pointed his right hand at her, made a signal for her to get down with the scariest frown and angry looking eyes at her. She jump down, sat down and took off the mask for good!

I think she must have really freaked out when he did that – cos he scared all of us who were sitting around her!

But…………..later on in the show (think was when he stopped singing Oh My Darling and said he knew eels were trying hard to make him laugh) he acknowledged her attempt with the horse mask and laughed. She and her Korean friends were so relieved they were laughing sheepishly.

Many eels have asked me which was my favorite song that night and why.
I don’t have one.

I have 4.

This is the YAB song that gets to me whenever I hear it.
He hasn’t sang this since 2010/2011.
I was so hoping he would sing the OSTs from YAB during this show.
And he did.
He sang the song standing still in the main stage.

The moment he started singing this song – I was holding my breath throughout.
I had tears in my eye.
I used to think he did such a good job singing this in the drama and in his 2010 FMs.
Boy was I wrong.
He was just an actor who happened to be able to sing a decent tune back then.
He is now a pro.
He sang the song PERFECTLY.
His voice, his facial expression – perfect!
I was really so proud of him!

When the stage hands came on stage and set up the microphone stand in the middle of the extended stage, we were all so excited. What was he going to sing near us? You could hear the excited chatter from us. When we realized it was Turn Off, we were restless and excited.
When the cigarette appeared and he blew smoke out – we all started to scream! Boy did we scream!!!

It was not my first time getting to see him smoke while singing Turn Off. During Proposal he used a real cigarette and we could actually smell it too. During CS3, he didn’t smoke at all. Live In Seoul it seems he used a electronic cigarette so there was smoke, but no smell.

He was sexy like hell when he sang, danced and smoked!
He was driving us all crazy – we were screaming and screaming and screaming.
(Ok – I was – but I knew I wasn’t the only one)
He was really sexy when he smoked – and we loved it – and he knew it!
He really gave us more than our money’s worth that night!
(He was nowhere near that sexy during Proposal)

How did he sing – great I suppose. I wasn’t really listening.

After he finished singing Turn Off, I think he talked a bit.
While he was talking, the stagehands came and remove microphone stand.
I thought that had been the ultimate highest point during the show, and he would slow down the tempo.
Then…… stagehands came up again – and placed a keyboard right at the edge of the extended stage, right in front of where I was sitting.
The lot of us were stirring excitedly.
Then came a stool next to it – oh boy!
He sat on the stool and the band leader came forward.
The lights dimmed and only a single spotlight was on him.
(that may not have been the case – but that was what it seemed like to me)
The music started, with just the keyboard – we were holding our breath wondering what song was next.

I think we all gasped when we realized what song it was!

His voice was strong, even, gentle.
He sang evenly, perfectly.
He looked calm, confident, sure.
That voice with that expression – killer!
Both my palms covering my mouth and nose – I was not breathing.
He nailed it! Perfectly! Even more perfectly than Without Words.
I had tears in my eyes again.

As he finished the song, he lowered his head, very fitting finish to that beautiful haunting song.
We were clapping and cheering like crazy.
I think he unintentionally let out his cutest, most innocent sweet smile that was both sheepish looking and of utter relieve that he nailed it!
When he realized what he had done, he stole a glance at those of us sitting in front of him. Korean eels started to show their thumbs up at him and we all followed – all of us were smiling so proudly at him.
When he saw this and knew that we all saw his relieve smile, he tried to cover it up by cheekily smiling at us and covered his face with his two palms in mock embarrassment.

And that was not the end yet!
He had another song to sing with just the keyboard.
Sigh…….. this was what I used to watch and listen to every night before going to sleep when I was a new eel.

Now, he was sitting just 2 meters away from me, serenading me with this very.
I think that was when I totally lost it.
I blanked out after that.
I only know he did another perfect performance – totally perfect again.
When he ended, we again gave him our widest smiles and our thumbs up.
He was grinning so happily and I think he was so proud of himself (and relieved too) that he tried to cover it up – he gave us his biggest widest happiest smile I’ve ever seen – and he held up his (pretend) trembling hands.

Stage hands came on stage to remove the keyboard, and we thought that was it.
He was going to move back to the main stage.
But he stayed put on the stool.
We could see he was now more relaxed – and smiling coolly.
Then he turned and faced to our right side of the venue.
The eels on the right all started to scream as they now can see him clearly.
The moment the music started, he immediately turned himself to face the left side and started singing.
The eels on the right were so disappointed but those on the left were now screaming.

I Will Promise You was next.
He spent the entire song turning from left to right, back to left, then right.

I spent the whole song staring at his side profiles.
Both his left and right profiles are equally beautiful. Equally charming. Equally perfect.
I’ve never had the chance to see his side profile so near, so clear, so long.
I wasn’t paying attention to the song – and that is my first and all time favorite song of his.
(I used to go be able to sleep only after I have listened to this song a few times).
This is the song that eels will call out his name throughout the song at every show – I did call his name once or twice, but gave up after that – it took too much energy and was too distracting – I had to concentrate on staring at his side profiles.

I don’t really remember much after that.

I am now waiting impatiently for the DVD to be released.
Need the English subtitles to know what he said.
Need to relieve the entire 2.5 hours again.

Conclusion ‘LIVE IN SEOUL’ 2015 :
the show I got to hear him sing the songs that I first heard when I got to know him
the show I got to see him up close
the show that had me holding my breath so many times
the show that would be the most memorable

PS :
He cheated. Well sort of.
For both songs What Should I Do and Can You Hear Me – he only sang 1 verse of each song.
And he changed the arrangement – it was lower, more suitable for his voice.
But the change made the songs perfect for him
Hoping now that he will sing it again during LIVE IN SHANGHAI, and the full songs too.

He has perfected the art of playing with the mircophone stand with his fingers. He did that throughout the show – many times.
That is really the sexist thing I’ve ever seen him do.

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