Free registration to view JKS’ full-length “Let me cry” MV & other pics on Nico website!

April 18, 2011 in Promotional News by Aphrael

Credits and special thanks to tenshi_akuma

The MV and other pics will be up on Nico website from 20 April 2011 (12 noon Japan time) to 21 April (midnight) for 36 hours only.

To check time differences, you can go to

Below are the steps on how to register a free account in order to access the MV.

0) Visit the site(click HERE).

1) Click on the white button with TV icon ( “アカウント新規登録” in Japanese ) , in the top right hand corner.

2) Click on the white button( “一般会員登録(無料)へ” in Japanese ) , in the top right hand corner.

3) Enter your e-mail address and push the black button below.

4) Enter your information and push the black button below.
–sex(Male or Female)
–residence(You can choose overseas)
–questions for password reminder(You can choose one)
–What food do you like?
–What food do you dislike?
–What school did you graduate?
–What is your mother’s maiden name?
–What movie do you like?
–What is your pet’s name?
–Who is your favorite star?

5) Confirm your information and enter the authentication code (red-color boxed) which appears the bottom, and push the black button below.

6) Then, the e-mail will be sent you for the confirmation.

7) Check the e-mail and click to the link.

8 ) After the completion of your registration, visit the site again. The entrance for the general is left one (at the top – “一般入口” in Japanese). It is a white door and TV icon is in front of the entrance.

You can enter it from April 20 at 11:50, 10 minutes before the program begins.

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