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Jang Keun Suk

From now to forever
We will walk together with you

16 April 2011

Jang Keun Suk officially signed an exclusive contract with agent company HS Media for the Greater China region. To Chinese eels, this is an extremely blissful moment. Abiding by our promise, we will accompany you on the journey.

—————— By Baidu Sukbar ——————


Aphrael77’s note:

A nice video made by Sukbar in commemoration of JKS’ contract signing with HS Media, it’s a brief but illuminating showcase of JKS’ works from his younger days to date (I wonder why Hwang Jin-I is missing) – every single character is so memorable. He is Jang Keun Suk – a fantastic actor first and foremost, and a star we all love because he touches our hearts in so many ways.

His Asia Tour 2010 is just a start, and I certainly look forward to many more fan-meetings, concerts, dramas, albums and more from JKS! And 5 days to seeing him in Singapore on 22 April !!!

8 thoughts on “Commemoration video by Baidu Sukbar”

  1. That right , From now to forever , we will walk together with you… my superstar.
    All eels…Pls votes for JKS at Spanish web.. Let’s vote for him , click on 5th [the last] stars for 50 points…Just show power eels. …Fighting!!!!

  2. 😮 this video is so professionnal! This person did an awesome job, but more important who’s “Hwang Jin-I”? I mean in what drama/movie JGS portrays him?

  3. I agree with you Apharael77 where’s “Hwang Jin Yi”? It is the drama that gave him the break to be considered as an actor to look out for in Korea just like Lee Joong Ki in “Sungkyungkwan Scandal” so I think it is an important milestone in his career.

  4. JKS protraits as Kim Eun-ho, a noble family son. He loves Hwang Jin I (Ha Ji Won of Secret Garden) at 1st sight. During their dating is funny and happy, but his ending is so sad. I cried during the last episode, I think either in episode 10 or 11. I really really cried becoz so touch by JKS acting. He died b’coz of his love to Kwang Jin I. When his body carried passed by Hwang jin I place make me cried more……..But this drama make him a famous, young & handsome actor by Netizen


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