23 thoughts on “[video+letter] “Happy Birthday Jang Keun Suk” from International Eels_20130926”

  1. Thanks to Kimi sis and all other eels around the world involved in making this vid… Kimi sis.. Thanks for delivering this vid to Sukkie personally and also making papa Jang, mama Jang and manager Kim laughs with the little toys ^_^ I love reading your lively and cute FA in Weibo even I can’t travel with you to Tongyi FMs…

  2. It was such fun making this video with my sister eels. We had so much fun talking about it and how it might be seen by oppa. Thanks, Kimi, for delivering this! Also, thanks for posting this, tenshi.

  3. Happy Birthday JKS!!!
    Thanks Kimi for putting this together and delivering it. Thanks for inviting all of us to be a part of it, this was fun. I look forward to celebrating future birthdays and many, many more eel adventures.

  4. Such lovely Love Letter…
    Thnaks for making and sharing…
    Will this be send to Cri-J ?
    Sukkie wishing you another Happy Birthday…wishing you all the joy in the world with the things you love and do. Hope you take time to smell the roses while in full bloom..

  5. thank you for doing and sharing this! i hope one day we can personally greet our prince. have a wonderful happy birthday sukkie! i pray for u! enjoy your day! zikzin! <3

  6. This message really touching my heart so deeply I can feel my tears fallen in my eyes I know that its impossible to reach him but I am still so blissful to be his fans and I have nothing to wish for him that God will always give him a healthy living , courage , detemination, faith that he can reach his dreams in life and keep most he will never change till the end 🙂

  7. Thanks to Jangkeunsukforever blog, i manage to join the ECI group and able to participate in the Happy Birthday video for the man that i adore and love. Thanks Kimi and the rest of the eel sisters that makes this happen. Even we have not met each other, but all of us share a wonderful bonding for the love of one man.

    Happy birthday Jang Keun Suk!!!

  8. Because of you, my days are filled with laughter.
    Because of you, I became a fan ( an eel) for the first time in my life.
    Because of you, my family think that I have become a bit crazy because I can smile in front of the computer for no apparent reasons.

    I wish that you all the happiness and health which money can’t buy.

    Happy Birthday, my little Prince.

  9. This effort from the unconditional love for our Prince Charming from international eels is so touching. The expressions he normally uses like chio, come come, zikzin, cri, can I have your phone number? Are learned and are used to tease him. He is just like the little one in our international eels family that we is loved so much.

    I hope our Prince Charming visits this website regularly and see this great effort.

  10. Thanks for this effort of making this video, really touch my heart. And happy to see all Eels in the video, even though I do not know personally but I feel connected. It is all because of our Prince. Happy birthday to Prince and let’s zikzin together! Great Job!

  11. Happy birthday Jang Keun Suk ! May God bless you always and thank you for all of your effort to make your eels happy to know you. Keep the spirit…ZIKZIN

  12. Thank u very much all the eels from all over the world.. Thanks cri.. Cos My prince and u all are totally my life.. i love u all.

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