[video+letter] “Happy Birthday Jang Keun Suk” from International Eels_20130926

September 25, 2013 in Fan Account, Fans' works, Video by sukkiefanncusa

Credit: Eels from all over the world
Especially thanks for Kimi Song and her Chinese eels friends and Han Eun Neul from ECI

Love Letter From Eels
(this is the translation of the message towards the end of video)

Thanks for today, thanks to Mama Jang and Papa Jang to bring Jang Keun Suk to the world. So we get to know and fall in love to a very unique person -You, Jang Keun Suk. This is great! Because of you, eels get to know each other from all over the world, we make friends, no distance and language barriers, we talk, we joke, on life journey is so great to have someone to share the happiness. Thank You!

Maybe you don’t know, when eels feel down, feel blue, feel vulnerable and lonely, we will watch your dramas, your video clips, your DVDs, your photos etc… Anything about you, specially your smile will warm our hearts and get positive energy! Vice versa eels also hope that when you feel sad, helpless, and lonely, you can look at the gifts that eels sent to you, read message that eels wrote to you. Hope eels’ smile will bring your positive energy and warm your heart.

Eels have a special relationship with you. Sometimes there might be little friction or unhappy things, please don’t feel sad, disappointed and anxious. Please believe our relationship; please believe your eels, just like they believe you. Because you and eels are friends, family, the most important after little unhappy things, we are still stand by each other’s side, this is the promise you give to eels, so does eels give to you. This is OUR PROMISE!

Eels and you have our own private lives, but you always try to get bit closer to eels, also eels are learning to love you, support you with the right way. So let’s support each other, cheer for each other. In the world of Jang Keun Suk and his eels, let’s give each other more positive energy, more love, more warmth.

Eels are happy when you’re happy. Take a break if you feel tired, eels cares for you. Jang Keun Suk, please be happy, take good care of yourself, for you, for your family and for your eels.

Happy Birthday! Our World Prince!

Eels are always here, looking at you, supporting you, loving you!

Translated by Springsuk_USA

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