[Flash News] Seoul Tongyi FM Schedule_20130925

Credit: 统一鲜橙多

Notice of Tongyi FM in Seoul: The FM in Seoul has been confirmed the date: 2013 Nov 02 to Nov 05, please spread the information. All the eels and fans who get choosed, please hold your heart tight: This 4 days 3 nights Korean tour, not only you can see the beautiful scenery in Korea but also most important, you will meet Jang Keun Suk and Park Min Young! The 1st batch events has started, if you repost the top pinned weibo, you will have change to earn 1 ticket of Seoul Tongyi FM. So bali, bali.

2 thoughts on “[Flash News] Seoul Tongyi FM Schedule_20130925”

  1. 4 days and 3 nights…what is going to happen???????
    O…how I wish I was nearby to join in the fun…
    Lucky eels indeed if they got to be chosen


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