[Fan-made] Movie “Via lactea”Part2

December 5, 2012 in Drama / Movies / TV, Fans' works, Video by sukkiefanncusa

Credit: pucalovesuk

This is a fan-made fiction movie about our Prince Jang Keun Suk by one of our ECI members.
Editor’s note: If you haven’t watch the first part yet, please go here: http://jangkeunsukforever.com/archives/18399

Editor’s note: Please read her letter too, this will make you cry, so touching.

Dear Prince,
Explainable – Isn’t it the best word to describe love?
I was born when you had begun your career.Coincidentally, the age of mine is always the same with the number of years you working in your showbiz world. Since my mother left my father because of a blood disease,then my dad married a new wife, I don’t believe in true love.But my heart knew you re the one it looks forwards from the first time. It’s the rare happy time in my life, the smiles you give to the world became a whole world to me.
5 years is a long time enough for people to feel their love boring (I also used to think like that).But you’re like a Pandora’s box, the more I open, The more new things I discover.I wrote 99 letters for you which never be sent
But I found my memory-losing disease became serious, if every night I don’t spend hours reading my old diary, I can’t remember things about you. Perhaps I cant forget you, but I fear that I will forget how I fell in love with you, why I love you.The memories about you is like the crystal broken in my heart day by day.I’m panicked, I want protect it.I lost many friends because I didn’t tell them about my Amnesia but I don’t want to forget you.Never I let it happen! When you love someone,you want to become like that person, so I started making videos for you. Now I’m using it to save all memories of you,I’m trying to finish ‘Vía Láctea’ movie real faster before my memories go away.
I just want to put you in my heart,store you in my mind and keep you in my eyes forever
One day if I forget you…
Please let me fall in love with you again

Today I am sending my 100th letter I wrote for you : ‘Are you watching this now?You know what I want to say’

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