[Notice] UMF KOREA LIVE STREAM Announcement (Aug. 4th at 21:20)

FLASH REPORT!!! According to UMFTV on YouTube, UMF will broadcast UMF Korea 2012 live to the audience worldwide. That means we can experience Team H DJing even at home! Tune in August 4th at 21:20 to see Team H act! Honestly I’m afraid this event is very popular among DJ lovers, so it’s possible the live streaming won’t work well… but still it’s one of our chance to see their performance! Zikzin, Team H!

Credits: UMFTV

The live streaming link for UMF Korea 2012 LIVE STREAM – Saturday (August 4th). The live stream starts at 6PM (Korean local time). Tune in August 4th at 21:20 to see Team H act!

Team H performs just before Tiesto!

11 thoughts on “[Notice] UMF KOREA LIVE STREAM Announcement (Aug. 4th at 21:20)”

  1. Girls, we had to prepare for the haters on Sunday , i went to the UMF you tube channel and there are very racist people commenting , most of them dont like asian people , i know that Team h are very good and profesional, but remember that this people are from very diferent cultures and maybe dont understand our Sukkie style.We have to support him in all social networks with goods comments.

  2. This morning at 8:a.m. L.A. time (while still August 3rd), my alarm went off letting me know that Jang Keun Suk’s birthday had begun! Excitedly, I lifted a little prayer (well…it was actually a big one) to God, thanking him for his life and asking for blessings upon his life. There was this little voice in the back of my mind trying to distract me by telling me that I was just being dumb for praying for someone who I was probably never going to even see in person. I almost gave in and stopped praying but then I remembered how every time I’m sad, down, and tired, JKS’s music has revitalized me and infused with happiness and this strange surge of energy that makes me want to go out and conquer the world myself! I realized that even if I never get to meet this wonderful person face to face, I’ve already shared my emotions with him in deep, deep levels. He has given me not only thousands of reasons to smile, encouragement, advises, a row model of success and hard work to follow, beautiful dreams from which I wish I’d never have to wake up, and the ability to feel intense love (however platonic it might be), which transcends distances and even time, but he’s also given me a living example that dreams can in fact come true if you want them badly enough through hard work and diligence and without losing one’s true self in the process – remaining humble and real. It downed on me that it doesn’t matter that I’m half a world away from my star because I carry him in my heart every day! He has already given me so much that the least I can do is say a little prayer wholeheartedly and with faith believing that God will grant me the desires of my heart and shower JKS with endless blessings, happy days, a healthy and prosperous life, open doors and opportunities, strength, wisdom, a humble heart, a million reasons to keep smiling, great, innovative, and super creative ideas, and above all, LOTS OF LOVE from his friends, family, and all his fans around the world. My day has truly been amazing after I said AMEN. I honestly believe that even if we are not close to him, our good vibes, faithful prayers, and sincere wishes do get to him.

    Thank you Mrs. Jang for bringing this precious person into this world to be a blessing to so many people and thank YOU, Jang Keun Suk for existing and for sharing your talents with us! For allowing us to see you and bask under the bright and warm light you irradiate, THANK YOU!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! May you have many, many, many more!!!!



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