[10.03.2012] Twitter & Weibo

Filming in Hokkaido has ended successfully, actor Jang is greeting Keun-chan ^^ please look forward to Love Rain ^^
在北海道的拍摄顺利结束了,张演员见到根酱在打招呼呢^^ 请大家多多期待爱情雨^^
훗카이도에서 촬영 무사히 잘 끝내고, 장배우가 근짱을 만나 인사하네요^^ 사랑비 기대 많이 해주세요^^

AsiaPrince_JKS: Finally!

JKS on Weibo:
Chinese eels also, shout it out … can’t tolerate it any more!!!
中国的鳗鱼们喊出来 … 忍到不能再忍了!!!
중국장어들에게도 외치니라… 참을만큼 참았어!!!!

8 thoughts on “[10.03.2012] Twitter & Weibo”

  1. pic from tree-j twitter is so cute ^^
    what does Suk means by “can’t tolerate anymore?”, is it because there are ” illegal piracy”?

      • thanks Miracle, aphrael, Wen n Tenshi for the explanations….i’m glad there’s nothing to do with illegal piracy…. ^^

    • cajuputte, nothing to do with illegal piracy ^^

      how to say it … at least from the Chinese translation “忍” means to tolerate, endure or suffer something patiently, so a literal Chinese-English translation means “cannot tolerate it anymore” or “can’t take it anymore”

      in this case, I think it refers to “cannot take the excitement anymore, so shout it out” ….

      and yes, Miracle is right in saying it is referring to the title “Can’t Stop” … but (again, my thinking) the English title “Can’t Stop” actually is not the exact meaning of the Korean title “참을만큼 참았어” which means “Can’t take it anymore” … hee hee, hope I’m not adding to the confusion!

      maybe someone can clarify this?

      • He’s playing with words. His new song’s title is Can’t Stop and the message of the song is if you can’t stand it anymore, just do what you want to do. He knows his Chinese eels have been waiting patiently for him so he’s telling them to shout it out if they can’t stand the waiting anymore. It may also mean he can’t stand the wait himself! But the ultimate message is he’s heading to China very soon and it’s a cause for Chinese eels to shout out loud ie be excited!

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