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  1. Hello everybody

    if you have a Weibo ID Please vote for our prince Sukkie~~

    he has to stay in the first 20 places then we eels can get a badge made by Weibo~

    You know he will come to China, and we wont want to let him down.

    We just want him to know that all eels in the world is a family always standing behind him.

    The link is http://q.weibo.com/starbadge/pk

    our Sukkie is now staying in the 17th place and the his offical weibo has already asked us to vote for him!

    One ID could only add one a day .Just help us and thanks everybody !

    • will be more than glad to help. i logged in but can’t figure out how to “add one.” when i click on the button under sukkie’s name, a box opens and asks for an answer (what do i place as the answer?). i tried typing in his name but it doesn’t accept it. if you can, please give us a step-by-step guide so we can help. thanks!

      • a box opens and asks for an answer (what do i place as the answer?).

        COPY 张根硕

        it is his Chinese name~

        After our hard work every day ,he is the third now.

        but we can not stop for a while ,you know there is still one day left now ,we have to keep his place until the finishing of this voting.

        So if u got a WEIBO ID ,please vote for him!

        Thank all of u very very very…much!!

    • Hi YoshikRose.. I have already voted once and it seems only once per day.. also, when there is box that pop out to input wording less than 40 words.. I just put in Sukkie’s name in Chinese 张根硕, hope that will do as it is mandatory to input words before accepting & confirming the vote button.

      • You are right ,one ID voting once a day.

        So i have to LOGIN 50 ID every day to ensure his winning.

        You are so clever !right ! just input 张根硕into the box .

        Actually its the passcode of his Weibo group.U can just copy and paste
        if u can not type it .

        Thank u so much !

        Our prince can stay the third because of his eels all over the world.

        So if u got a weibo ID, please vote for him today and tomorow~There is only one day left now !


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