Lawson blog contest results

Dear All,

Many thanks for your interest and participation in our blog contest.
A total of 76 entries were received, out of which 22 entries went into a second round of intense competition.
The 3 judges are myself, tenshi_akuma (our prize sponsor) and Farina (President of Eels Club International).

I was especially touched when reading each note of encouragement, as I am sure JKS will be.
Every note is precious and radiates sincerity because it comes from your heart.
All submitted entries will be collated in some form of presentation to JKS.
Thanks again for your participation!

Finally, here are the long-awaited 10 winning entries (in random order).
I have also decided to give out a bonus prize (the same, Lawson folder) to 2 more entries.
The winners will receive an email shortly (please email me if you haven’t received).

* Please do not re-post any of the entries elsewhere without the consent of their writer. *

————————————— TOP 10 WINNERS —————————————


Dear Sukkie,
When tripping you stand stronger. When tested you smile and work harder. Every minute of your struggle is the light that guides us all. When you finally find what you’re looking for we’ll still be there that day and forever after! Because you’re beloved JKS, our inspiration and everlasting promise.
From Ruba


Dear Sukkie,
Many of us eels have not seen you in person because we are so far away from you, but the distance can’t stop us from loving you, you already occupy a big part of our hearts. You’re the reasons for our smile. Please always look forward, and never back!
From: Scarlett


Dear Sukkie,
In this not so perfect world, I’ve found a perfect you.
So lift your head high like you always do
When the unbelievers ruin a beautiful day
Continue believing in yourself as I in you
Soar high Asia Prince!
And tomorrow the world will hail you as their King!
From: Pam (Philippines)


Dear Sukkie,
Be optimistic to laugh off failure and frustration;
Be tolerant to face misunderstanding and hatred;
Be modest to accept praise and incentives;
Be relieved to deal trouble and sadness;
Learn to smile away unpleasant clouds from covering your eyes;
Never let the pain of yesterday to deny today’s happiness.
From Theresa


Dear Sukkie,
You are destined for GREATNESS…
Be proud of who you are.
Be yourself, and let the world take notice.
When the odds are against you,
Stand brave and tall; don’t ever give up!
Hold on to your dreams… never let go!
No matter what,
Your EELs are here for you.
From Kim


Dear Sukkie,
Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
So, discover your world and then give yourself to it with all your heart.
Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience,
and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.
From Amyylm


Dear Sukkie,
Never allow the words and actions of people that don’t matter bring you down. We know the real you, so we will always support and protect you because you are our beloved Prince. No matter how many times they put you down, we will help you rise again.
From Winnie


Dear Sukkie,
You are a beautiful person inside and out so don’t worry when they judge you because in the end what matters is how you remain true to yourself. We love you for who you really are and not for what you are not. Please remain strong and be healthy always!
From Gisela M. Cruz 🙂


Dear Jang Geun Suk,
You are like a diamond: transparent, strong and bright…Simply irresistible!
Some might throw mud at you, but you know …
mud does not affect a diamond’s value.
A diamond sparkles even more and the real beauty is shown.
Be yourself no matter what.
Izabella Buftea


Dear Sukkie,
Never lose courage.
Never lose faith.
Nothing in this world is impossible when you are determined.
A blossom, which can endure the toughest conditions, will bear the sweetest fruit.
You are the best!
From Liza Ceng

————————————— BONUS PRIZE —————————————


Dear Sukkie,

What JKS should always do:


What EELS will always believe:
Let Us Cry so you won’t have to. You say Hello, Hello and Bye, Bye, Bye, we say We Promise You our hearts.

From Natalie


Dear Sukkie,

I want you to know that you’re not average nor ordinary.
You are special, a masterpiece.
You’re not just anything, you are a person of destiny.
And you’re destined to be the World Prince!
Fighting! Eels are with you all the way!



————————————— END —————————————

26 thoughts on “Lawson blog contest results”

  1. Hi all!

    It really was not easy being a judge! There were too many good entries!! I have requested Ivy not to reveal any names so as to have an objective judgement. The more I read, the tougher it was to make a choice. So I would like to applaud all of you cos all entries were written with so much sincerity and love for our darling Prince :))

    • yup, Tenshi and Farina did not know the names of the participants/entries until this post. This was done to achieve more objectivity ^^

  2. Wow..just reading the messages leaves an overwhelming feeling of unity, support, bond and love for keun proud to be an eel..chukae jang-eos!

  3. WOW!!! well done Aphrael, Tenshi & Farina!!! … i knw its a tough job to be a judge 🙂 …though im not participating im very proud of all my darling eels sisters who are so talented in writing!!!

  4. Well done Aphrael, Tenshi and Farina. Those are very beautiful words of encouragements for Sukkie. Thank you all eel sisters, congrats and so happy for you all ^ ^

  5. Woowwww…CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!! Those quotes are all beautiful and inspirational, and so special because they were written with love. Thanks to the judge team, Aphrael, Tenshi-chan and Farina unnie, you guys are fair and GREAT, your selections are all the best of the bests…. GREAT TEAM WORK!!!!

    The main reason why I had submitted my message for the contest, not only for hoping to win a prize, I wanted to express my sincere feelings to my STAR in my own way. Even though, my message didn’t garner any prize, but I am still HAPPY for just be able to write something to Sukkie, to show him my support and love, and to tell him that I am proud to be one of his great eels. Eel sisters and brothers are the BEST fans in the world!!!!

  6. Thank you!!!! It is such a wonderful feeling!! I was never expecting to win..just wanted to try my luck and I also just want to let Sukkie know how I feel during such times. This is more than what I’ve hoped for!!! Kamsahmnida Ivy, Tenchi, and Farina. I’m so proud,honored, and glad I foundjksforever and the family I’ve made in this home. But most of all, I am thankful I’ve found Jang Keun Suk and will forever be proud and shouting to the whole world that I’m an EEL. Again, thank you guys!! 🙂

  7. I agree with Kailey and all those who’ve posted above. Well done Tenshi, Farina & Aphrael. I am sure it was difficult to judge!

    I am happy for those who won. But I feel that since all those messages submitted will be given to JKS anyway, then really, we’ve ALL won.

    I may never get a chance to go to Korea or wherever JKS happens to be… but at least my words can!

  8. WOW!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, Aphrael, Tenshi & Farina!!! It was great enough that I was able to express my feelings to JKS & happy that it would get to him in some way. It’s a very big plus that I made it to the cut! I did not expect it. Once again, thank you and love you all eel sisters! 🙂

  9. I’ve been very excited since we planned this project. Needless to say, I appreciate all participanats. At the same time, I hope even non-participants enjoy reading some entries here. Thanks again, all!

  10. Im so glad we all did this. The last few days have been difficult for Sukkie so writing these words for him makes it feel like we are helpin in a small way from a distance. Everyone’s words are so encouraging and heartfelt, that’s what being an eel is all about.

  11. thank you so so so so much, this is the best birthday present ever! Not only can our words bring strength and love to our Prince, it can also unite us as eels. Let’s try harder Sisters!

  12. Congratulation girls, you deserved to win and it was a very humbling experience for me to read sweet & very inspiring words for our Precious Boy..I bet some of you cried while writing your messages to Prince,co’z I did (*_*)

    To our (3) lovely ladies,Aphrael,Tenshi,and Farina,,thank you girls..And Aphrael,did u just mentioned that you’ll send it to Prince J? Wow,,I’m excited and very happy,thank u:)

  13. I think that it is wonderful that you girls did this. Its great to be able to read all the heart felt messages to our Prince! Even though mine didn’t get chosen, those that did are so heart warming. It makes me proud to be an eel!

  14. So happy to be one of the lucky person^^

    Thanks Aphrael,Tenshi,and Farina. This was my first time writing a message here and it was sincere for Keun Suk.. A worthy return for sure.

    Love this big family of eels… no matter who and where we are, we are all bonded b’coz of Him.

    Eels POWER forever!!!

  15. Happy & feeling very lucky today…
    Thank you so much to 3 Sukkie’ Angels – the judges : Aphrael, Tenshi & Farina
    and also thanks to Lili my friend… for keep reminding me about the deadline of Lawson contest! and keep encourage me to write from the heart!
    indeed very touched to read those beautiful words….
    Happy that we could give little encouragement (but i hope the result is big) to our prince…. ^^

    nyaaaaaa……..*upbeat nya
    I won the lawson folder ! *mwahhh i love you gals~

  16. congratulations to all the winners.. all the messages are so heartwarming that i can really feels the sincerity of every words written by you guys.. to the 3 judges you did well.. keep up all this works in support of our prince.. 🙂

  17. Congrats to all the winners, you did a great job. I hope one day we can see all the quotes, it would be another great file we keep to encourage each other eels. Our love to Uri Pinrce J last forever.

    Thanks Ivy, Kaori Chan and my dear Farina, job well done!

  18. WOW! Congratulation girls!!! You’re all deserve to win, because those words are amazing yet sincere. Although I didn’t participate but I’m so happy for you all. Keep spreading our love for sukkie!!


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