[17.02.12] Tree-J twitter

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Eels, the weather at noon is very cold. In such cold weather, actor Jang is doing outdoor filming. Today’s filming is for Cri-J Season 2! Please look forward to Cri-J Season 2 which will have more enriched contents than last year.
【120217treej推特更新】鳗鱼们,中午天气很冷。在这么冷的天演员张根硕正在外景拍摄中。今天的拍摄内容是cri-j season2!敬请期待比去年内容更加丰富的cri-j season 2吧


Eels, you all must have been shocked at this morning’s news. The reporter involved has apologised and deleted the report. Thanks, eels, for your concern.

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  1. poor guy….he is wearing too little for a cold winter day…..Suk…take care….eels will ALWAYS support YOU….no matter what!!!!! ^o^

  2. I don’t care what others say abt Sukkie! Even if the bad rumours were true, anyway i would continue loving him! JANG KEUN SUK I LOVE WITH ALL UR CONS AND PROS!

    Ps: i super love the twitter pic! He looks hot! ^^

  3. Anyonghasaeyo JKS Chi!!!How r u?What r u doing?Are u tired?Chongmun kurivonhada.Now I disappointed my tae-kuk sajangnim that they aren’t good like my thinking.Hue!!!,otherwise my friend that I respect like my seniour and real friend,she isn’t good too,because they would like to use me help them to work and do something when I don’t have useful they cut me to employer and friend too.I think that I should be clearly and screen when I love for see someone to my friend and my sajangnim.By the way I’m very lucky that I get a new job immediately when my sajangnim retired to me.Don’t forget to show cri at tae-kuk and update your news for inspire me and fighting for solve the problem naka.Chongmunsaranghaeyo,Hansangcongkanghasaeyo,Chaika,love u jub jub.From:Jum(Tae-kuk fans). Don’t disappointed of your news naka nottem you have more fans love you fighting namdongsang idol JKS.

  4. Oh God, I just knew it!
    But, don’t worry Tree-j , you know we won’t believe that kind of craps about our beloved sukkie. Thanks God it’s deleted and corrected soon. And I also believe Sukkie knows his eels better, we’re stronger that a lot of people think, we’re not gonna fall into a rubbish trap like that easily coz we knew our prince well.
    @ Miracle, ditto!

  5. I saw this online somewhere else today, and I was thinking then it was nothing but foolishness. But then that place didn’t mention he might lose an endorsement deal over what ended up being a mistake made by someone else. Could he sue whoever said it for slander? Probably, especially if he does lose the endorsement opportunity.

    JKS is just a man, he’s not perfect… but this manufacturing scandal about him stuff is so pointless.

    Dear reporters/media, If you’re going to pick on JKS, be honest, come right out and say you have it in for him and you don’t like the guy! We’d respect you more if you did! *rolleyes*

    JKS has a big heart, and since apologies are made he may decide to be “the bigger man” (yes this is a reference to the previous supposed scandal), and let it go. Tree-J seems to be indicating it’s “handled.” Eels also have big hearts… if JKS can forgive, we eels can too!

    In the meantime, I am sure he can use all the support & encouragement he can get!

  6. Hi eels here! I posted my comment about continuous malicious news on ECI fb page today. It’s my personal idea, but I think these news are not only because antis want to attack Sukkie, but because they imply very sensitive and complicated issue… But what we can do is just support him!

    • I can understand u ~~something about the politics…

      We dont want to talk about those serious things coz we only want to be simple fans.Sukkie please bear in your mind that no matter what happened to u,we loyal eels always will stand behind u because we love u so much.

      Those bad news were really rumors.We believe that in any place does exist few unfriendly people like the irresponsible reporter,but most of the people are really good fans and will always be friendly and kind.

      Anyway,do not concern about that too much and trust us .We always love u Sukkie~


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