20 thoughts on “[23.1.2012] Japan Twitter and other pics”

  1. Woww Sukkie has been looking great since his arrival in Japan … the different hairstyle really does wonders for him too. I have yet to see a guy who can look both handsome and beautiful at the same time! Is he working out – just look at that muscular arm ^ ^ I think he and KHN make such a lovely couple …

  2. I heard there was a high-school-boy eel attending YMP greeting session in Fukuoka. He is a real eel, member of official Japan FC. And he gave me the handcuffs. Instead, Sukkie gave him a hug! I hope he’ll appear on the news tomorrow.

      • Awww..thanks sis hazy for posting this clip…..lucky eel got a big tight hug from Prince. The way Sukkie hugs his eel always look so warm and special like he really cherish that person. Dream of getting hug by him someday…. how??? * sigh *

        lol.. the boy choose KHN instead.. don’t blame him.. KHN is a beautiful lady too.

      • No. He’s not Sukkie’s eel. He’s Ha-neul’s fan. So Sukkie was disappointed after knowing that. But the boy I mentioned was his real eel. I read the comment about him in a Japaneses eel’s blog. He was said to be hanging his FC membership card around his neck.

      • thanks for clarifying Tenshi ^^ i am sure Sukkie has more male eels out there…maybe they are just shy…

        Just saw this other vid…although i dont understand what they are talking, but i just watch to admire Sukkie…luv the top he was wearing, and he looks so happy ^^ can see the glow on his face too ^^……and oh…the flying kiss from him ♥

  3. Did you notice his right wrist? When he visits Japan after the big earthquake, he always put on his charity bracelet secretly. I’m really touched by his thoughtfulness… Thank you, Sukkie. I’ve put on the same one every day since I got it.


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