15 thoughts on “[Download] 14 Jan 2012 – JKS Documentary on Fuji-TV (subbed)”

  1. thank you so, so much aphrael, kaori-chan & suki heather! you gals are the greatest!!! dunno what we’d do without you… we’ll always be kept in the dark on what the heck he was saying in those interviews/videos if not for you. 🙂

  2. thank you so much aphrael, kaori-chan & suki heather! what a wonderful team!
    This must be a chinese new year gift to me ^^
    download it soon!

  3. Thank you Aphrael, tenshi-chan and suki heather for your great dedication providing eels ways to understand our Prince words or messages. GREAT TEAM WORK!!!

    The JKS JP version is more lighted heart and shown more cheerful and funny side of JKS. The Korean version leave me an inspirational impression, and his childhood story deeply touched my heart. I would say, both documentaries successfully broadcasted the TRUE him – one shown the serious and hardworking man, and the other shows the joyful and friendly 24 years old man.

  4. Dear Aphrael, Tenshi_Akuma and Suki Heather,

    I was looking for this docu since yesterday. I just wanna say that, You guys are awesome! Thank you for making this possible.

    I hope to meet you when I visit Singapore and Japan this year.


    Vivi ^_^

  5. I will say this over and over again, thanks much to Aphrael, Tenshi_Akuma and Suki Heather. You guys serve as angels to us eels for all your efforts. And for this, I wish you many happy returns 🙂

  6. Hi im new here but I have watched these videos and thank you guys for the subs! I am very much interested with JKS but I’m still not sure about being a fan. Fascinated I am yes, and i will continue to be curious about the things he does. Hopefully as I get to know him more, I will be a fan in the truest sense of the word. I believe he is a good actor, but he hasn’t peaked yet. He can be great, given the right material. I wish him all the best. One things for sure, he will never ever be boring.

    By the way, just the translation when he said others think he is sexless? what does it mean? is it because of his androgynous looks? or does people wonder if he is bi?
    well whatever, ive seen his two series YAB and Marry. When he’s playing a role he is very much on fire, he owns his characters with intensity. He is amazing to watch.

    I’m reading through this blog looking for these videos, so thank you!! I suspect I am already deeper than what I want. sigh. he is truly a charming guy.


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