[Download] Eng-subbed Tokyo Dome concert on Wowow

Mediafire download in 4 parts.:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Full, English-subbed Tokyo Dome concert (link below)

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English subs by: JKS English Translation
Please click here for the download link.

34 thoughts on “[Download] Eng-subbed Tokyo Dome concert on Wowow”

  1. Thank u, aphrael! I really was looking for eng sub!
    Btw QQ, i couldn’t find ur thread in ECI where u shared, but Meg found it & gave me the link shared by u…. but i failed to download it, ah… smtimes i’m so unlucky 🙁
    Anyway, as I didn’t have opportunity to thank u up to now, let me do it now: THANK U QQeyes!!! ^^

    • how long to download? hmm…. some people prefer watching the whole concert in one video?

      I may not have time this weekend to upload parts, but will get around to it if there is demand…..

  2. Thanks a lot Aphrael, you are such a gem! Last night I downloaded about halfway then our network played up so had to do it all over again today but at last I got the full copy now. Splitting into 2 or 3 parts would definitely be good idea but I can’t complain, you and Tenshi are sacrificing so much of your time to ensure we get these in the quickest time possible, my hat to you both. Thank you thank you thank you!

  3. aphrael tnx so much.i’ve been waiting for this concert.
    but do you know any site that upload it in mediafire.ther is no problem if it doesnt have english sub ican understand what they say
    please if there is any let me know
    tnx again .

  4. Sorry for trouble Aphrael, may I know if you will also upload this on Dailymotion? I can’t upload from 4shared. Kept failing 5 times alrd 🙁

  5. Thanks so much Aphrael for sharing this link. I was almost in tears with disappointment when the original post was blocked. Now…I can say…I’m very very happy girl. I will definitely download it right a way in case something wrong happen again. Lol……..
    two times broken heart would not be good to my health.

  6. i’m getting confused, after downloading full link, the mv is about 11 minutes only, i thought until 1 hour show , is it true friends?

    • Thanku sis for commenting here.. I could find the Eng subbed Tokyo dome concert for u.. never knew this will b available in forever.. Thankuuuuuuu so much.. Thanks forever for the subs too.. I downloaded all the parts..


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