17 thoughts on “[Fan-made] “High Cut” wallpapers”

  1. i love the 3rd, 4th and 5th pics, he looks so manly! i love it when he oozes with masculinity and sensuality in his photos… without to much of an effort, if i may add. the 1st and 2nd looks kinda feminine to me, but i love him just the same. this guy… i just love him whether he looks feminine, masculine and whatever else there is. LOL!

    oh, by the way, i wanna share this vid to all eels here, especially those who haven’t seen the post in FB (yet). love y’all!

      • thanks QQ! It’s a lovely MV 🙂 The Vietnamese eels are really talented in producing good works! ECI will be catching up soon! :))

      • Farina.. I have confidence ECI will catch up very soon after seeing the work of a few of them including baby Meg.. (Meg, I saw your dance in ECI.. you’re good!!! next time if ever Sukkie asked for eels to dance on stage, you can join him ^_^)

      • Sis QQ…dont mention the dance lol!!Shhhh!!!
        kekeke!! and me dance with suk..i wil faint kekeke!!
        Miracle lol..ya am famous as baby meg kekekeke!! lol…
        mayb i should sign my autographs lik that lol,,,BM 😛

  2. OMG! Seriously! This guy just knows how to make my heart dugeun dugeun! The last one is my favorite! Although I love them all, the last pic is just perfection!


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