New Year’s Greeting Cards from JKS

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These cards are customer privileges for those who bought a Christmas cake at LAWSON.
I got the first pic card :) It’s a real photo postcard, not just printed postcard!!!

card_3 (2)
Message: HAPPY NEW YEAR. Everyone is just now really into (Mero-Mero) Keun-chan! I love you.

For more pics,
card_3 (3)
Message: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I will send how I feel now through music!

card_3 (1)
Message: HAPPY NEW YEAR. Please accept my message.

7 thoughts on “New Year’s Greeting Cards from JKS”

  1. beautiful! Tenshi-san! you’re so lucky to live in eels wonderland! I hope all of you are safe. Jut heard there was another earthquake in Japan. Praying for you always.

  2. tenshi akuma, good job!!!!! u’ve got very beautiful pic cards from Suk ( and plus cake LOL) !!! …..i also heard abt earthquake, hope u and ur family, i.e. ur mom are safe and hope it didn’t affect on ur holiday mood that much!!! stay strong dear, we are with u!

  3. Thank you so much Tenshi, happy new year to you….
    you lucky got the 1st card. i love it so much. the 2nd one also very nice.

    and aphrael… i love the new pink colour and the banner… JKS surely has cute sexy lips…

  4. tenshi akuma, I am so glad you got these beautiful cards, and no one is more deserving to have the first pic. than you dear. I am sure the cake is already gone ( I hope you enjoyed it ) but I hope these photos will always be by your side providing you with hope and happiness. Don’t forget to give one to Mom too ! Always praying for your safety, I wish you all the best.


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