How to watch JKS KBS documentary (Jan.1,2012)

UPDATE: If you own a smartphone, just access the site! It’s very easy!

First of all, I’m sorry on such short notice. I found the easiest way to watch KBS without any registrations a couple of minutes ago. Besides, it distributes very high-quality images. So I will share the instructions below.
This program will be broadcast by KBS2 at 22:35 on Jan. 1, 2012 (local time in Korea).
*ATTENTION: You have to install an application released from KBS on your PC.
0: Access this webstite using Internet Explorer.
1: Click the left blue button.
2: The popup window asks you whether “to save to disk” or “to download and install”, so chose “to download and install”.
3: Then popup window asks you whether “to implement the software”, so chose “to implement the software”.
4: Afterwards, I’m afraid that you can’t read the message indicated during software execution because the characters are garbled… but just keep doing.
5: Click the left “N(Next?)” button.
6: Click the middle “I(Install?)” button.
7: Click the “F(Finish?)” button.
8: Access the site above again. It might take 20 or 30 seconds to be shown TV.
9: Chose “KBS2” button.

31 thoughts on “How to watch JKS KBS documentary (Jan.1,2012)”

    • mm… the Chinese fansites are saying that the 13 Jan Fuji broadcast is the same programme… never mind, we shall see if it’s the same 🙂

    • Kaori-chan, Thanks so much for providing the links to eels here.. I was out at China Town till late with my family to get CNY goodies for the Chinese New year which is in 3 weeks’ time.. I came back home and saw the late night news that Japan has earthquake today and prayed for all in Japan.. however..I’m relief that no reported damage or injury..

  1. Hi, I’m a new eel! First of all, thanks tenshi_akuma for providing the instructions to watch JKS documentary live! So to confirm, the documentary is going to be aired at 10:35 pm, not 9:35 pm as previously said? I just want to make sure because I don’t want to miss it. Thanks!

  2. Thanks a lot!!! ^^ can’t wait to watch, =( but when i click the 2tv bottom it shows a message and doesnt load 🙁 anyone has the same problem?

    • Hi AmySD, it takes a while to load when watching on laptop, and the streaming is not stable….i managed to watch the JKS documentary trailer on KBS2 just now at around 6plus Singapore time…it works better when i watch on my smart phone…

  3. Girls, it works!!!! Use the smartphone for smoother streaming 🙂 thanks again Kaori-chan! You’re the BEST!!!!

      • aphrael, thanks for the link. In Japan almost every eels succeeded to watch in this way. I wonder something related to each contry’s internet environment… If you can watch KBS program easily, it’ll be helpful when you want to watch “Love Rain” live. I accessd the site just now from PC, the quality of image was amazingly good… Please try it again.

      • I didn’t try. Besides being asleep when it aired I have had little success in the past with watching streaming from foreign countries so I didn’t try. I’ve tried watching British programs in the past and had country issues. Friends have suggested I set up a proxy (like I understand that SMH) to access foreign websites. Anyway, I decided to wait until someone was kind enough to post a link (preferably subbed) here or in the FB ECI. I’ve read comments and those that were able to access the show thru your instructions seemed quite happy.

      • Hi kaori-chan,

        Thank you soo much for the link! I successfully watched it via iPad and connection to wifi (for those in singapore, wifi is quite seamless in its streaming whereas 3G was laggy).

        Do you know when Love Rain will start showing and is it on KBS2 as well?

  4. Thank you so much for the instructions.
    They are so helpful XDDDD
    I’ve successfully watched the program ^^
    You really made my day! Thank you so much!
    Wish you a wonderful new year!

    A happy eel in Taiwan

  5. Did everyone succeed to watch the program? I was speechless with admiration…even though I couldn’t understand Korean. After broadcasting, he must be understood properly in his home country Korea. I’m happy about it.

    P.S. I prefer his face without makeup. Sukkie looks more beautiful without makeup! 😉

    • Thanks Kaori-chan for sharing the link. We have having lots of discussion in Eels club International right now…..we were all happy to see his success and the crazy moments behind the scenes…but we were also sad to see the “pain” behind all the glamour…his tiredness, the drip, the injection….we hope he gets more rest..and that 2012 will be a better year for him!! Hope people get to know him better through this documentary too! 🙂

    • Yes it was a real eye-opener to see the sacrifices he made to make us happy. It was actually quite heartbreaking for me and some of us share mutual feelings… You can see the moments when he was tearing during interviews…. I hope the subbed vers will be up soon…

  6. Thank you Kaori-chan!

    Sukkie, please take care of yourself! Have some ‘me’ time and enjoy yourself. It is painful to watch you eat on your on, fall sick and tire out. Thank you for bringing us into your world. It makes us appreciate you more! Happy New Year! 🙂


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