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  1. Kaori-chan, really appreciate the translation.. he is so frank to say out his views of the 2 flying kisses… good that 2 Japanese “uncles” are big hearted & laugh out with him ^_^

  2. Thanks for the subs.

    Haha, even though i like his flying kisses, i think he can cut down his number of flying kisses.

    I remember this program. I suspect someone from this show is a fan of Sukkie. haha. They keep asking sukkie to attend their show. So cute. I am surprised they really flew to Korea to have this interview. I am sure they can make their request again when Sukkie goes to Japan next year.

    Envy those who can understand Japanese/Korean. And everytime i hear him speak in Japanese, I always wonder how good is his Japanese as compared to other Korean artistes like Boa, TVXQ, Kara and even FT Island.

  3. Thanks tenshi-chan. You’re super fast. Always appreciated!!! The 2 uncles are so funny. Yeah… Sukkie’s flying kisses definitely are better….kekeke

  4. Ah. I love this. I envy the audience members who get copies of the photobook (I will have that soon hehe) and the Budapest Diaries (wish it was available internationally *pouthinttotreejpout*). Not sure about the flying kisses though. I love them but yeah agree he could cut back on them cuz they are losing their spontaneity which is what makes our Prince so much more special than other artistes.

    • hweewen, this is a soft sub so you need to click the CC button below the Youtube frame and make sure it is red.. the sub will appear after that..

    • hweewen, here is the comment I post on YouTube. I hope you can see the subtitles.
      I edited the vid with YouTube, so the subtitles are only seen on YouTube with PC.
      [[ How to see the subtitles]]
      If you cannot see the English subs, please click “CC”.
      [[ How to Change the background style or font size ]]
      ■To toggle the background shading on or off, click in the player and type ‘b’.
      ■To make the captions bigger, click in the player and type +.
      ■To make the captions smaller, click in the player and type -.
      ■To change the color of the captions, mouse over “CC” and chose “other settings.”


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