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If I have a girlfriend, I will tell her, “I love you” everyday. I don’t want to waste a single minute of our precious time.
“When I first read the script of ‘You’re My Pet (YMP)’, I realized In Ho and I are so alike. Both are cheerful and mischievous. We have own dream. I didn’t find any difficulties while acting him,” JKS said. JKS played Kang In Ho, a young prospective dancer, came to a career woman (a career woman, Ji Eun)’s house and became her pet “Momo” afterward. He enjoyed behaving like a pet by taking advantage of the position. For example, Momo asked her to shampoo him as his master’s obligation. Momo flung his arms around her because he was hungry.

JKS also shows us his innocent and cute behaviors. For example, he suddenly began to sing songs (such as ‘Anatani-Aitakute (Missing You)’ by Seiko Matsuda and ‘Bye Bye Bye’ by JKS) and dance. During the break of shooting, he was eating an orange and then when he caught the eye of our staff, he smiled and gave him half of the orange, saying “Do you wanna eat it?” His such mischievous nature breaks the ice and he naturally makes us smile. It is really like In ho.

“Needless to say, it is necessary for men to grow up and be mature. But still I wish to remain with an innocent heart as a child throughout my life. I just want to live my life happily, not to live such as telling lies to myself because of worrying too much about what others think of me. I don’t make myself too busy working to enjoy my own life. If it came real, life would suck… I want to say what I want to say. I want to do what I want to do. If so, I’m sure I will be satisfied with my life fully and I live my life with smile every moment. I really want to enjoy my life from the bottom of my heart.”


What is his view on love?
“Ah, I can’t answer this question because I’ve never had a girlfriend before… Do you think I’m telling a lie…? Lol. Anyway, I wonder if there are any couples who play fighting like In ho and Ji Eun. Lol. But I feel it must be interesting whatever I do with my loved one. As for me, I don’t care how older or younger she is when I love her. The most important thing is sincerity to her. And my taste is a gentle and feminine woman whom I get the urge to protect without thinking. I like a stylish woman, too. As I was reading your magazine, I found that MORE’s fashion is my taste. If I’m in love, I will first tell her my love. Because I am a man.”

In this way he declared his view on love. When we asked him what his favorite word is, he replied plainly, “…’I love you’ is my favorite words. If I have a girlfriend, I will tell her, ‘I love you’ everyday. I don’t want to waste a single minute of our precious time.”


Behind the scene of YMP, we still remain our relationship as the master and the pet.
Kim Ha-neul has a dignified elegance with impressive eyes. She is also exactly Ji Eun, a career woman who has both beauty and intelligence. “I think we are alike. We have some similarities such as we are in 30s, have a job, single and no boyfriend. We both look strong but, in fact, we are not so strong, rather sensitive. That’s why I really understand why Ji Eun needs Momo. I’d be happy if I have someone who play with me like a little child and understand me without words.” She added that she had enjoyed shooting every day while looking back on those days.

“We called each other ‘the master’ and ‘Momo’ even behind the shooting place. JKS is real Momo. He is mischievous and everyone around him smiles. One day when I was sick, he bought a goody to encourage me and said, ‘Dear master!’ Afterward, I recovered soon. Lol. Even now Momo sometimes calls me, ‘What are you doing, my master?’ He is cute, isn’t he? On the other hand, his attitude to work is so adorable as a man, an actor. He lives his life with clear vision. I respect him even if he is younger than I.”

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  1. Thank you Tenshi, you gave us bonus! πŸ™‚ Sukkie is full of joy on the positive attitude, I mean I’m sure he has his down time through out the years, especially with his work, his busy life… but I believe he will get out of any those blues because he is simple not but not shallow, he knows what’s the the most important thing for happy life. He really has big heart to embrace the world. That’s why he will be the World Prince one day. I like how KHN said about him, I believe they understand each other pretty well. I was touched by her last words that she respects him even he is younger, because in Korea, influenced by Confucius culture, the younger ones have to obey and respect old ones no matter what. The seniors can tell whatever they want to the youngers because that’s how the social relationship set up. I don’t think this is bad, but you hardly hear any seniors would sincerely show respect to the younger ones. Sukkie’s professional side and hardworking has won lots of senior supporters to him. Even he doesn’t behave as a traditional younger ones. I am very happy to see that.

  2. Thank you so much Kaori-chan! Wow, you’re really catching up with his news πŸ™‚ Don’t forget to rest and have timely meals ok?

    • Thanks Farina! I’m OK. Actually it’s rather hard to catch up his recent news and I haven’t spare my time to watch or listen to his works yet… But for me, translation is a good practice not to forget my sense of English. Especially after I’m back to work in full-time, it’ll be more difficult… and it’s also good for struggling against jet lag. While doing something about Sukkie, I forget the urge to sleep :p

  3. Thanks Tenshi! It’s nice to know that KHN has only good things to say about Sukkie. Considering her experience as an actress, her opinion matters a lot for Sukkie. They were able to build good rapport becuase Sukkie also has a way of adjusting himself to the people he is currently working with. I hope they will continue to stay in touch with each other and have more dramas/movies together.

  4. Thanks tenshi-chan. Wooww..another great read. I never tired of reading his interviews. Seems like Sukkie get along well with all his co-leading ladies. No wonder there are so many Shipper Hearts for Sukkie out there in the internet. Sukkie, you are so sweet and great person. I wish you meet your soul mate who can compliment and match you in every ways, and most of all a girl who loves you totally and unconditionally.

  5. Yes…. Smart, cute, talented, handsome, rich .. What a guy ! I’m noona ..like KHN said, I respect him also even he so much younger than me mmuaacchh

  6. Thanks for all your efforts Tenshi…he is such a mature young man for his age…very focused and determined…I hope he accomplishes all that he wants to accomplish…

  7. Thank you so much! I especially like his outlook on life. To be happy and make others happy. One thing I’ve always believed is that we make our own happiness and that we shouldn’t depend on others to make us happy. But in order for us to be happy we have to be honest with ourselves and others. I always wish happiness for our Prince and hope he is finding happiness.


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