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24 year-old fighting spirit! After the Saitama Arena Tour ended, JKS was in his hotel room on an IV drip. An artiste who always wants to present his best to the audience regardless of his health situation.
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The rehearsal scene before the concert

The university student JKS on the grounds of Hanyang University

A small break for Hallyu star cum game expert “Virus Man”

Love Rain filming behind-the-scenes.

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    • I would never want to see him on an IV drip too, it causes heartache!…
      JANG KEUN SUK! Say NO to any drips! Instead have nutritious food and stay healthy!!!

    • My heart is aching so badly after seeing our poor Prince getting his IV drips so often! 🙁
      He really needs to get some REAL rest!!!

  1. That’s true miracle, agree with you, no more IV drips, take a good rest, eat nutritious food, and healthy life style that’s more important than the instant drip.

  2. Regular IV drips can’t be good for him so yeah hoping he will start eating more regular and healthy now that he’s not running around like a madman trying to be in 100 places and a dozen countries at the same time. Wow, that sounded harsh. Anyway, yeah looks good natural but I think I say that a lot LOL

  3. According to KSC, there will be documentary of Sukkie by Fuji TV, it will show on Jan 13, 1am, Kanto East Region. (I wonder why those that late time?). They followed him for 3 months and these pictures are from that documentary. The title is “World Prince – JangKeunSuk-Real side of a 24 years old.”

    Here is the translation of the introduction for this documentary.

    It will have his school life which narrated by himself, don’t miss it. You will see he was in class study with his classmates, he relaxed on the roof top. The real college student side of Geunjang will be first shown in public. (all public? wish we, outside Japan could see it too. :(. )

    Geunjang said that success of Arena Shows and Tokyo Dome Show are still fresh memories. They followed him back to his hotel after his Saitama Arena Show and saw Geunjang was doing IV, the guy who compete with the time machine for every events, the brilliant shining star on the stage, at that moment showed a face impression that you would never seen it but caught by the camera. And also LR on site shooting with Yoona. The absolutely true Geunjang’s personality and face will all show to the audience from the screen.

    The producer said this documentary is not only the following of his shows and TV program edition version, but mainly show the real side of Geunjang’s life in Korea, and also you will see his lifestyle as a star.

    All the precious clips you will find new charisma that he had never shown before.

    Wow, aren’t those words making you want to see it soooooooooooooo badly?

    Can’t wait and ottokea when we can see it outside Japan?

    • You bet you’re rite, sukkiefanNC! But I doubt it will release outer Japan. Really want to see him enjoying his free life as a 24 years old man, without being worried of any artiste stuff…
      @sukkiefan ..thanks a lot for the translation…
      @aphrael, as usual …gomawo for the pics…

      • That’s what it said in the article, I was wondering about that too. What kind of content they have in that documentary have to be shown in that late time. mmmm, interesting, very interesting. kkkk.

    • Actually at that time I will be in Japan. So I can watch it directly. In Japan it is not so strange to be broadcast this kind of documentary in the midnight.

  4. Can anyone here enlighten me, why does one need an IV drip? What does it contain and why must it be administered? If one is tired, one can rest and similarly if one is hungry, one should eat. Under what circumstances is an IV drip justified? I personally would not like to see Keun Suk push himself over and above his limit – totally unnecessary.

  5. Dear JKS:
    Thanks so very much for all your hard work.
    We really enjoy see you on stage and watch your movies and dramas.
    We love you no matter what, therefore, at least this time… Take into consideration our request and get some rest.

    Take a time to take a really nap and eat well. Take a time to breath and also to stay away at least for a week.
    Call your friends, go to the movies or just stay at home eating popcorn enjoying yourself.

    See you in such a condition it just too painful.
    If you really care about us, please get better and take care of yourself.

    Kisses and Hugs (XOXO)
    Yolis ♥

  6. It’s sad seeing him on IV. His schedule must be pretty tight for him to resort to that kind of treatment. I do understand his passion for what he is doing but it would be nice if he can slow down and smell the roses, as the idiom says. We will always be here to support you dear Sukkie. As much as you have brought us happiness thru your music, concerts, dramas and movies; we would also love to see you in good health.


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