[UPDATE] JKS appeared on Verbal Jint’s MV

*UPDATE: Full version was released

Today Verbal Jint’s new single 감사감사 (thank you) was released. And the MV was also released. So I replaced the teaser to full MV. You can find many Sukkie after 1:30. In this MV, there are many scenes shot in Tokyo Dome. You also glimpse Sukkie’s visit at Verbal Jint’s live.

14 thoughts on “[UPDATE] JKS appeared on Verbal Jint’s MV”

  1. Off the topic. About Japan Official Fan Club.
    charlotte, I have to apologize to you… The requirement for membership has changed… Now they don’t accept eels living in other countries any more… (T_T)

    • no need to apologize dear,it’s fine with me though I’m a bit sad but as long as we have you here and in eels club I’m happy=) thank you for ur effort in helping me and for always sharing Suk’s activities in Japan..

  2. Wow… I might have to check that out. Not really a hiphop fan though but he does sound good. Tenshi thank you! Oh, and sad that Japan OFC is only open to Japanese but that kind of makes sense.

  3. OMG! He sang JKS name! he said “geun suk sii” ! <3 They are so cute! I am glad he's making more friends and helping new artists <3

      • LOL… the sideburns. They just make me melt but only on Sukkie for some reason. All other men I think it looks weird but his sideburns just make me want to play with them. Maybe its because they look natural instead of all shaped up and bushy (don’t like bushy sideburns).

      • i agree with you Andrea.. Sukkie’s sideburns is more irresistible than the other guys out there.. it added appeal on sukkie..

    • ….and at the end….again ….that”bulky” Suk appeared!!!! LOL!!!! MEG!!! I can’t forget my memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just can’t erase them from my mind!!!!!!!!!…. MEG!!! That’s because of YOU!!!!


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