[Interview] Drink Chat with JKS (2): JKS speaks frankly, “Inclination towards masculine man rather than herbivore man”

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Q: Want to know the real JKS. Is JKS masculine? Or a herbivore man?
JKS: Masculine. Not suppressing the other party by force, but I want to become a courageous and decisive person.

Q: How do you view disputes?
JKS: All along, I advocate the world as one home. If there can be peaceful talks, problems can be solved quickly.

Q: Why do you have the nickname “little old man”?
JKS: As for that, I don’t understand too. Very puzzled (laughs).

Q: Do you agree your character is not within your control?
JKS: I’ll come up with many unpredictable actions. Not sure that I want to go towards a certain direction, just that I don’t want to keep still. I’ll say first what my major goal is ……. so it has been seen as being far from modest.

His greatest charm lies indeed in his unpredictability. Last month at the Tokyo Dome concert, Japanese fans mentioned that they liked JKS because they cannot completely predict his speech and actions. In fact, before the Tokyo concert and after the Shibuya press conference, JKS did a startling act to the team of interviewing media. After the press conference ended, he returned to the bus for interview and then parked on the busy Shibuya street. He started walking on the road by himself to bid farewell.

The comical act of kissing passers-by’ hands attracted many screams and camera flashlights from the crowd. JKS said, “Sometimes, spontaneous actions make the crew very nervous. Today, this extent is nothing much. There is nothing much to do.” The manager following JKS shook his head.

JKS’ surprising appearance when Kim Ha-neul won the Best Actress Award at Daejong Awards on 17 Oct also made for much talk. As both acted together in “You’re my Pet”, JKS turned up with flowers to congratulate KHN, and when KHN was giving her thank-you speech, JKS was censured for winking behind KHN.

JKS: That day, I had lessons at school, but I felt I would have regrets if I did not go, so I directly called the organisers to ask whether Sister KHN was on the prizewinners list. Winning an award is of course a good thing … even if she did not get an award, I was planning to console her. Just that my sudden appearance while she was giving her speech caused a big commotion ….

Q: If you have the time now, where would you want to go?
JKS: I want to go to nightclub, the one at Gang-nam … I know (I) like to sing and dance…… (laughs)
Q: Why do you draw such thick eyeliner?

JKS: I am most confident of my eyes… feels like weaknesses and advantage emerge. I only put on thick eyeliner during photo shoot; I don’t do that at school. (laughs)

Source: Nate

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  1. Omo!!sukkie walked in japan streets!!wah how shocked the eels must have been!!how come there are no fancams?keke…and his greatest charm lies in the spontaneity…Sigh!!!LOL…thanks for ur efforts sis aphrael!love you!!

  2. Love this <3
    As of yet I still haven't managed to see anything but perfection for Oppa..
    Agreed, He has gorgeous eyes.. And the rest of him match them <3
    Saranghae yo, Oppa Sukkie.. :3

  3. I can’t imagine being part of his staff, must be so exciting having all these impromptu actions! One thing is for sure, they will never be bored working for him, just stressed out lol!!!!

  4. Being candid and spontaneous is definitely one of Sukkie’s best traits…loved to have been one of the crowd at Shibuya…

  5. He was on the streets of Shibuya…. Where I was staying…. And I missed him by a few days….I would love to be one of thos passer-bys whose hand is being kissed by him…. Spontaneously 🙂

    • danielle, actually it is a compliment if I address him as “little old man”.. he is popularly known as “little old man” in Korea as he has the innocence of a child (sometimes he looks & behaves so young like a little boy) but when he speaks & thinks… gosh, he speaks with substance (like an older matured man with so much experience…) and witty (he has a very different thinking process from young man at his age..) Actually didn’t know about this term initially but I feel he is so matured and intelligent during interview.. and then I saw one TV coverage of Sukkie with the Korean reporter mentioning about this “little old man” that I realised then it is not only me with think this way.. Sukkie is already known in Korea for this ^_^ I guess he is in the company of many adults since young as he is a child actor.. so he grew up differently from other children…

      • yes, he is indeed a “little old man” the way QQeyes described. children who grew up among adults tend to think differently and more maturely. another thing is, his childhood was not an easy one and children who has experienced the hardships of life at an early age has a more mature and different outlook in life. sukkie is like that.

      • browneyes88, really true..I’m always thankful that Sukkie has grown up in a happy family with love even though he has experienced so much hardship… I guess that really build up his unique personality now.. even from teachers’ remarks on his school report book from primary to high school.. the common comment : Sukkie is kind & sincere, honest (as one teacher put it.. never tell lies), amiable & respectful to seniors… one of his childhood friends commented that Sukkie has display of leadership since young as he always standout in the group of kids

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