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      • Agreed.. he has very gentle hands.. the way he held the hands of ladies… I notice in dramas, the camera always zoom in when Sukkie holds the hands of a girl.. never see the focus in other dramas but only in Sukkie’s dramas.. like YAB & MMM..

    • tnx tenshi,love them all and same as miracle,the last one is my favorite,I love to see Sukkie with that kind of expression on his face,so tender!!

  1. LOL.. Pic 7 has always been a weakness of mine with him wearing glasses and reading a book. So casual and natural. First and last also seem like they were candid. As always, I love him no matter how he is pictured. Japanese Eels have suck a beautiful fan site *sigh*

    • I love pict 7 too .He looks geniuos with that glasess. And I love a man who has many knowledge by reading the book. I also like pict number 4 ^_^

      • charlotte, Japanese FC accepts all the nationalities. You can join Japanese FC whenever you want and the membership is effective for one year. I think that messages from JKS are the same as Korean FC site and after his posting in Korean, it is translated into Japanese. In short, you can watch and read special contents such as JKS’ messages, photos and videos for official members uploaded not only in Japanese site but also Korean. I think it is the only privilege of Japanese FC. And we have other special contents only for Japanese site. That’s why the Japanese membership fee is rather higher than Korean one. But it deserves. If you are interested in joining FC, I can help you. 😉

      • Kaori-chan, I heard that YMP movie version will be slightly different in Japan & Korea.. I’m not sure if it is true as some OST are in Japanese sung by Sukkie like “Hey Girl” and also the movie has more of Sukkie’s scenes..really?

      • I have to complement some information not to be misunderstood.
        We cannot read the comments or information only for Korean official member. So I sometimes just visit his Korean FC site as an associate FC member. But these contents are updated by Tree-J and his eels, so you can enjoy reading messages from JKS though they are written in Korean and with Japanese translation. You can copy and paste these massages to translation service such as Google translation, but be careful not to post the content on the Internet. It is strictly prohibited…

      • QQ, it is possible that YMP has a different version. Especially about OST, it’s true that Sukkie sang songs in Japanese.

      • Kaori-chan, when are you completing your course in Canada? it must be freezing cold now right? do take care.. hope you can view YMP back in Japan… I’m looking forward to watch YMP too ^_^

      • thank you very much tenshi,I am really planning to join his Korean FC this coming year but after reading your inputs about Japan FC, I think I will have to reconsider my plans,hehehe..Just one concern,Japan FC has translation tool directly?(I mean just like his Korean FC,where u can click which flag/language u want) co’z it will be hard for me to understand it just in case..^_^

      • charlotte, I have to apologize to you… The requirement for membership has changed… Now they don’t accept eels living in other countries any more… (T_T)

    • andrea, same here! it’s one of my most fave pics of him. though he’s casually reading a book, i find him sexy and sensual. i love it when he wears glasses.

      love the pretty, bad boy look in pic #4. and of course, the last pic ~ he looks happy and peaceful.

      thanks, tenshi! 🙂

  2. I love them all, my pick is 4,5,6 as favorite. Same as Tenshi, I like him in red. Especially, #5, love his figure, even he wear a pair of black pants still love his waist line.

  3. Thanks tenshi-chan for posting the pictures. Love them all…. kekeke of course, my favorite would be pic #4, the bad boy look riding on a motorcycle.
    Yeah…. Just seeing Sukkie’s sexy back already make us eels go gaga over him.
    Lol…That is love or what!!

    • me too… he’s freaking sexy with long hair. Now he looks cute with shorter hair… but it change nothing, I still love him with all my heart >_<

  4. Wow! I love all these pics. Each gv me different feel
    Kaori-chan, u r so lucky can drool on him in his Japan official site

  5. i love all pics but the pink (he looks pale).
    i really curious what’s inside the download & gallery sections. it’s for member only… T_T
    is it free to register as a new member?

    • Unfortunately, we don’t have free membership… You can see only white colored menu contents such as profile and biography. But those information isn’t updated… You can check some notice information.

  6. Sigh, our boy looks good in everything! And yes, he has beautiful, long, manly yet gentle hands/fingers – the kind that an intellectual would have.

  7. Thanks tenshi-chan for posting the pictures. Love them all but just like Andrea ,my favorite is pic 7 . i like him in what ever he wears but i prefer seeing him with casual clothes and of course coz reading books is my passion , this pic is definitelly number one for me . i wouln’t mind if he where my “demoiselle de compagnie” i don’t know the english name for it , he will read my books to me when i’m tired


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