16 thoughts on “[Pics] Magazine ‘KOREAN WAVE 47’”

  1. Wow he looks HOT! At bookstores here in Seoul they sells his magazines for about US$10 but i didnt get any coz its in Korean, Japanese and Chinese…

    • Ah. That is a high price! LOL Though I probably would have bought at least one of them. I would have picked the one that representated him the most. But then it would have been hard for me to choose and I would have bought nothing.

  2. i was so busy lately, so i don’t have much time to read and make comments from this blog, but to see his pics here make me miss him so much!

  3. Thanks Aphrael. I am really getting used to his new hairstyle. Makes him look so sophisticated and charming. Fortunately he can easily change it up to be his carefree and playful self. The more I see of him the bigger admirer I am becoming of his hands LOL. I guess he shouldn’t put them near his lips so much.

  4. thanks aphrael for the pics , they are all lovelly exept for the second one where he ‘s sexy as hell ( i think it’s the same pose as in his movie’s poster EATEWON MURDER)
    btw , although i just posted that he needs to thake care of him self and rest , i’m dying to watch him doing more and more movies and dramas with a lot of BTZ of course or at least make some shows like KNUP GURRU .
    how i wish they started airing his new drama LR , i spend my free time looking for new dramas and i start watching them but coz he isn’t in them i give up after 2 or 3 episodes and i go back to YAB or MMM .
    FARINA will agree with me that he’s very suitable for a caracter like HTK , i think both of us love watching impossible (forbiden) loves .
    “gone with the wind ” was my favorite book ,i read it several times till the pages came unstuck , same goes with JANE AUSTEN , DIANA GABALDON , KATHLEENE WOODINISS books . even if their writing styles are differents the male lead caracters in their stories are identical and i trully think hat he’ll do a great job portraying this caracters and who knows , perhaps this will make him get the world recognition he’s looking for .
    so till that day comes , i’ll still watch and love every work of him even the trivial ones (like ads ) and pray for his success

    • Maya, seeing my name in CAPITAL letters almost made me choke on my breakfast! Lol!!!! I love Gone With the Wind! But I’ve only seen the movie, not read the book… I used to love reading but since I’ve got my first iPhone, I’ve been so distracted and glued to it especially after getting to know abt Sukkie and even more so after being on this blog 🙂

      • we don’t have access to hight tech gadjet in our country coz of the internet , but still i think even with them i will continue prefering books to movies coz they will let you use your imagination to visualize the caracters as you wish (most of the time , i imagine myself with the hero and it helps me escape from my routine).
        bdw good morning and “bon apetit”

      • I prefer books to movies too…the feeling of immersing yrself in a book is different! Will continue our book discussion on email 🙂

    • Lol.. my all time favorite writer is Jane Austin! Actually my favorite book of hers isn’t the most popular, Persuasion, but I love the story of lost oppurtunity and love rekindled. Anyway.. I still read books a lot too but not as much as I used to. Love British classics. Before discovering dramas I was always looking for British costume dramas.

      • i m passionated by the british classical books and movies .my sisters always teases me by saying that i live in the past when others are already building their houses on the moon .
        my favorite Jane Austeen books is “pride and prejudice”and i prefer the british version movie with Colin Firth .i also love the sister Bronte novels and especially ‘Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights ‘ .
        i really hope that some directors will offert to JKS to act in this kind of movies , i think with his unique and complexe personality he will do a great job and who knows maybe this will make him win the oscar he’s dreaming of

  5. Thank you for your charing so much. He can always catches my eyes. I will love him forever. An eel from China.
    Haha.I will have a wonderful dream tonight again!


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