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  1. Hey ladies

    been offline for two days as the internet in Jeju Island wasnt that great! To the ladies who told me to stalk the workers at Gimpo Airport for JKS tshirt sorry no luck as i was flying domestic didnt see anyone with the tshirt so i assume its at international?!?

    I only have few days left before i head back to Australia cant wait to do all the shopping also heading to Amy Choco its freezing over here and raining 🙁 will drop by Lotte to window shop… NR has done a good job getting JKS and other stars to market their goods but honestly i wont be buying anything there as i dont like snail face mask!!! If u buy a big pack u get a cutout of JKS sorry to me thats not worth it unless you use that sort of things like i normally use facemask and stuff but just coz JKS on the promotion i wont be buying and leaving it in one corner!!! Sorry this is just my opinion.

    • LOL… I’m the same way. I don’t buy anything just because of who promotes it plus the cutout might be hard to get back home. Just saying LOL. Anyway, sounds like you’ve been having a blast. I can’t wait until my own trip to Asia sometime in the future. I haven’t made any plans but already checked the requirements so discovered as long as I leave before 90 days are up I’m OK to do whatever I want without worrying about a visa. After May 2012 I will have 4 weeks of vacation time to play with and thinking of spending 3 weeks around parts of Asia but still might not be able to do it for another year.

      • Hi Andrea, let me know if u need any help when u hv decided to visit Asia. I would love to bring u around tho 🙂

      • Thanks! There is a lot of plans I have to make at home as well as abroad. It is still my dream to meet up with people from here when I am finally able to go.

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