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  1. I happened to come across again this vid which was shared by aphrael a few months back during his Cri-show in Taiwan.. this is a cute interview which I laugh a lot..sorry this has no Eng sub as the version aphrael shared earlier is Eng sub (aphrael, anyway to re-post?).. in this vid, Sukkie joked about his injured toes during YMP filming (the truth he disclosed in the interview he actually injured while playing football with his managers (he keep telling the host Wang Zhi Jiao to keep as secret ^_^)

    • aphrael, pretty please! i searched for the video QQeyes mentioned here in your blog but i think itโ€˜s no longer available. he looks so cute & seems to enjoy the interview, and iโ€˜m dying to know what heโ€˜s saying. thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚


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