Lotte provides special packages printed JKS’ face

Credits: LOTTE Co., Ltd.

Lotte Co., Ltd announced that they would sell special packages printed JKS’ face on Nov. 22, 2011. One is for fruits flavored gum “Frutio” bottles and the other is for bundled packages of “Charlotte-i”. Especially the bundled packages of “Charlotte-i”, various version will be released. For example, there is a bundle package of three “Charlotte-i” with one JKS postcard, which is selected from 12 types at random. Others are special boxes printed JKS, which includes 6 or 10 “Charlotte-i”. You can see their pictures from the link below.
Japanese women must get weigh easily in proportion to their love to JKS! πŸ˜‰ Being fat is happy or not? :p

For another pic,

LOTTE press release page

34 thoughts on “Lotte provides special packages printed JKS’ face”

  1. Wow. That Charlotte-i candy is using one hell of a marketing strategy. 12 postcard pictures randomly packaged?! They must realize people will be collecting those cards until they get all 12 LOL. I am wishing I were in Japan now too. I say I was definately born on the wrong continent *sigh*.

    • ayeahh!! People will buy it not because of the gum but because of JKS face,hahahaha….my only consolation is that,Prince endorsed a brand that contains my name..Oohh I’m so happy!!

  2. Why all these only available in Japan??? So envy !!!
    Kaori-chan, why not you become the distributor of these candy & chocolate for us ;P

  3. Hi Tenshi,
    Can I check where can I typically find the sweets and chocolates that JKS endorsed? I went to a few Lawson and family mart but I can’t seem to find πŸ™
    Thanks in advance again for ur help and advice πŸ™‚

    • Hazy, u able to see lots of JKS @ Japan?
      While waiting for Kaori-chan reply, mayb you can try those bigger supermart instead smaller πŸ™‚
      Or print out the advertisement pics to ask around ……. sure some people will able to help you there …

      • Hi Carol,
        yes i did! saw him at Lawson (and took a picture with him); saw the ANJell group standee at Shin Okubo and took a picture too. I just came back from Tsutaya and saw his music video.
        I am going out now to continue my search for his products endorsement. The problem with traveling alone is that it’s so difficult to get people to take picture for me with him when i see his standee or picture πŸ™

      • Hazy, have a happy biz trip in Japan & Korea
        Fore sure you will come back with lots of Sukkie things (really man jai er guei liao)
        If can, buy back more & sell to us hahahaha
        We can’t get the Lotte chewing gum, Charlotte i & the makkori here πŸ™ *sob sob …. I can’t find them in Seoul too*

    • It’s true that to find Lotte products Sukkie endorsed is rather difficult even for me, because they are often sold out. Sometimes you’ll find them at some convenience store, but the assortment of products in each store is possibly different, so I recommend you to drop into such stores patiently. Besides, on Nov. 22 the new packages are on sale, so some stores may prepare for them, so I hope you can get them tomorrow.

      I’ll show you some possible stores in Shibuya, because as Carol advised above that to go shopping in supermarkets is a good idea, it’s quite difficult to find supermarkets in the central location of Tokyo.Β 

      * ドン・キホーテ (Don Quijote) 10:00~28:30
      This is a kind of department store for commodities. You’ll find anything there. It’s famous as buying souvenirs for foreigners. The inside looks messy, so sometimes to find something we want is difficult. It’s their sales strategy that people find something interesting while looking for other goods. It’s a interesting shop to visit, regardless of Sukkie.

      In addition, some drugstores deal with snacks. And some department stores have supermarket floor. And Shin-Okubo is the possible area you can get them. If you plan to go sightseeing anywhere in Tokyo, I can tell you other possible spots.

      Keep fighting till you get them!

      P.S. Did you try Suntory “Seoul Makkori”? You’ll find them at convenience stores and liquor shops, but also shops I mentioned above. I like it very much. When you try it, don’t forget to shake the canned and pour it into a glass gently.

  4. Thank U Tenshi! πŸ™‚ I was glad i perservered and went out again, and i found Charlotte i at one of the drug store in Shibuya near my hotel :)) I was so shy but i managed to ask someone to take a picture for me with Sukkie…hee

    I have a conference call later, and a presentation meeting tomorrow soi didn’t try the beer today, but I will tomorrow! πŸ™‚

    I will also go searching for the new products tomorrow, really pray hard i will find them!!

    Thank U again, for making my Tokyo trip fruitful, fun and full of Sukkie! πŸ˜€


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