[Pics] “Love Rain” filming pics

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37 thoughts on “[Pics] “Love Rain” filming pics”

  1. OMG! The first pic!!!….aphrael, i can guess the reason why u put it first!….oh, i’m already imagining myself in the place of Yoona!!! Lol!!

  2. I’ve been wondering why he held the umbrella like that… I saw another pic with Yoona holding it like that too. Isn’t it a norm to hold it at the handle?

    • In my opinion, the way Sukkie holds the umbrella in the first pic means he wants to see Yuna’s face clearly even if he wets. And it also means this scene is filmed, so it’s for viewers to see their acting easily. So when we see the scene in the drama, we’ll enjoy their face expression in detail.
      And the way people hold their umbrellas even if they are alone, it usually happens among young women and children. The one reason for it is just because they have little power to hold umbrellas for a long time, especially while waiting for someone. The other reason is that they just pretend they have little power to hold umbrellas for others, especially men. Because some men think that they want to protect young women seeing that scenes because of their weakness.

    • Tks Kaori-chan! How’s yr studies getting along ? I miss chatting with you all in this blog! Hope I hv more time soon 🙂

      • Farina, I’ve enjoyed my school life. I have to get up early and take an one-hour-ride bus to school. I have to do a lot of assignments and make some essays, but interesting. I’ll be back to Japan on Dec. 25. I regret I can’t enjoy Christmas in Canada. 🙁

    • hum, I’ve been giving Farina’s question some time to consider and now, in my opinion, he is about to do something that needs him first: to lower the umbrella and make it leaning over her head, then second: get one step closer , third: I will leave this to your imagination! and anticipation!

      • I know.. because they almost never kiss but actually one of the things I love about kdramas is the anticipation (even though it inevitably is followed by disappointment of the one-sided hug *deep sigh*)

      • Reminds me of Hindi movies too! It’s the ‘leave-it-to-yr-imagination’ that whets the appetite.

    • In my little imagination of this pic: I think Yoona was holding in a normal way, but than Jang Geun Suk comes up and “grabs” the umbrella and gets ready to confesssss his love for her. Haha.

    • Haha im tinking mayb hes abt to kiss her on de lips and de umbrella is on its way dwn slipping slowly dwn and both of them will den hav a ‘wet’ kiss.. Lolxx

  3. Luvd this hair style bt as these all pics r supposed 2 b for his 70’s look, I’ve been wondering when n how he will change it 4 his another role in this drama……………….

  4. Yes miracle, to kiss or not to kiss that is the question!
    I hope we will still remember this when we are actually watching this particular scene some day when it’s aired!

  5. I can’t wait to see any video for this drama i think it will be great ^_^
    I don’t know why it takes me to winter sonata’s mood <3
    Great Pictures tenshi_akuma
    Thanks 🙂

  6. I also love the 2nd last pic. It’s a warning stare that he caught you red-handed and that he’ll deal with you later…..ok my mind is going into overdrive with what he’ll do part!

  7. i like JKS head shape. upfront he has a sharp chin. and even from side front as in the 1st pic, we can still see his perfect head shape. btw… is the girl in red in 4th and 6th pic is gonna be yonna’s love rival and marry so in ha (JKS) in the 70s? she’s just so pretty, and in my opinion, prettier than yoona (no offense for yoona’s fans)

    • and JKS’ lips at the 1st pic, sigh, really take my breath away. it’s ‘ready-to-kiss’ lips. this boy is sure a good kisser. can’t wait to see him french kissing in YMP. (crunching my fingers)

      • Welcome! Another Pervy eel! Hi5!! That alley kiss in M3 practically made me swoon!

        Anyway, sorry guys for raining comments today 🙂 What shall we call it; there was Tweetstorm, Appstorm and is this considered Blogstorm??

      • farina, i AM a pervy ell. if you go for JKS’ moles, and andrea goes for his lips, i totally go for hair section..LOL.. i find his armpit hair and sideburns are ‘illegally’ hot and sexy. his armpit hair makes him looks manly, he even beats big brother (muscular monster, didn’t JKS called him so in his tweet) in terms of armpit hair.

      • Lol! Now we have the person to be in charge of our National Treasure! And I am reserving all rights to be in charge of the ‘Family Jewels’ ok Doc Maya?! I think you’ve seen more than your fair share in yr profession right?

      • LOL. Yeah he has really nice lips. I love his sideburns too. No matter how he does his hair (dye, length, etc) the sideburns stay the same but I will just admire cause I don’t go gaga like I do with his lips and naughty tongue.

        Oh and Farina, I do the same with the blog. I actually have to hold myself back.

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