[NEWS] CF Lotte “ACUO”

Credits: terujks

It is reported on Nov. 16 that Jang Keun Suk will appear on the new Lotte CF “ACUO” gum, featured to design good breath. The narration of this CF is a pan used “Jang Kuen Suk” in Japanese. The CF director requested Sukkie to perform cool, but not just cool. At the end of CF, Sukkie smiles shyly! After shooting CF, Sukkie was asked, “What kind of men do you think the most manly or the coolest?” He answered, “The man who can protect his girl is the coolest. I’m busy working now, but I always work hard to protect my eels.” This CF will be on air on Nov. 21.

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チャン (Jang)

チャン (Jang) グン (Keun)

チャン (Jang) グン (Keun) 息 (breath)=ソク (Suk)

24 thoughts on “[NEWS] CF Lotte “ACUO””

  1. Aww Sukkie,…so sweet! We promise that we will always protect you too…We will always be here to support you and love you forever! Saranghae oppa! <3

  2. Thanks tenshi-chan. You are supper fast update this video. Dear lord!! !
    another sweet statement from our Prince. Eels’ trapped!!! Love his blow and shyly smile. Oh my heart… * faints *

    • my god, he looks so charming when he seriously working. I hope tenshi can let us know what he was saying. I can watch this vid again and again just to see his professional side. And yay, that’s lot of candies. Are those like mint candies?

  3. there are 30 likes and 22 dislikes for this vid
    why there are so many dislikes? i found nothing wrong from this vid, he’s so cool when he’s working, i love his hairstyle before start shooting (^3^)

  4. Wow. I’ve been seeing postings on facebook and twitter of this CF while at work but couldn’t check out fully. Thanks for adding them Tenshi. And SukkiefanNC thanks for including the work video. It was really interesting to see the evolution of the work in progress. He is such a professional. His work ethic puts american actors to shame. I love that he loves and protects his eels. So glad he hasn’t felt betrayed too much because of the leaking of his video and photobook.

  5. GOSH!!! That blow & that smile really made me……. meltz……….
    I’m in a daze now…….. @_@
    Dear Sukkie, please wake me up please………… heehee! 🙂

  6. @sukkielatte & KaileyCA, my mom used to say that “..hatred comes from envious..”
    So, let’s just say that those haters are only a group of people who cowardly jealous to such an amazing guy they have never seen before, and they’re surely ashamed to admit that their idols ( or even they themselves) are nothing compared to this wonderful man…^_^

  7. oooo…omo…omo…
    Otokajo.. my knees suddenly get so week heard Sukkie said that sweetes thing like that…

    • Hi Just Anita dear…still at the office? Are you strong enough to ride home by yourself, consider your knees are getting weeker and weeker now? hehe..
      B careful on your way home…forget bout sukkie for a while coz I know you’ll never be able to concentrate with his face sticking on your eyes ^_^

      • How can anyone forget him for a moment even to drive home LOL. I was so distracted by him driving home from work yesterday that I forgot to stop at the pharmacy for my mother. I pull up in front of my house, wait for his song to finish on the CD, turned the car off and as I’m getting out realize I didn’t stop. So I had to drive off to pick it up and then came back home. I have my CD playing at random but 1/2 the songs are Sukkie so always a nice surprise.

  8. Jus now woke fro my anoon nap and the first words i see are “The man who can protect his girl is the coolest. I’m busy working now, but I always work hard to protect my eels”… this is making me tear up again…i miss him more and more nd am so glad for this CF…wish eels could have protected the prince from antis..but we are powerless…prince j!!!miss you…and thanks for those supportive words…

    • -the second video isn’t availible coz of youtube laws . anyway i can easilly imagine him talking about protecting his eels coz he did it in several occasions and more important he really cares about us and do what he can to protect us , and Meg (india) you’re wrong , we’re not powerless , it’s thanks to the love and the ardent support of the eels that he win over all his detractors and also the other artists .
      we are indeed the winner team so “haut les coeurs”

      • maybe so…but guess amstill sulking abt the fiasco created by antis and media at twitter…ah!!!my poor sukkie left while we couldnt do anything and stood by watching!! but eels proved their power by making Tokyo dome to be completely sold out!!yipee!!

      • Isn’t the Tokyo Dome show the one where people could only get tickets by lottery? All the winners must of purchased their tickets immediately when they became available. The power of Sukkie. I wish he were more popular here in the US. I tend to forget because I’m a huge fan that people all throughout US don’t know him.

  9. Such a sweet guy for saying that! He’s the coolest of all! This makes me miss him even more..God, I need to buy an android phone immediately..

  10. i love jang geun suk woooooooooooow coooooooooooool boy and han some boy but i dont like yoonA she is lucky girl can’t wait for love rain so i like jang geun suk sukkiii star


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